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Clint Eastwood – Accepting the Effects of Old Father Time.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

clint eastwood

Before I go any further into the astrology, I will make this clear. I so admire Clint Eastwood. I grew up adoring his films, from the Man With No Name spaghetti westerns, through the Dirty Harry series, Play Misty for Me, The Outlaw Josey Wales, Unforgiven and more recently the films he directed with grace and sensitivity like Changling and the wonderful Gran Torino. He is a huge man, someone who dominates Hollywood, a true “legend” and I use that word advisedly. Clint has caught the attention after an appearance at the Republican Conference in Tampa speaking to an empty chair. I didn’t see it live, but watching it back after the event it saddened me a little. Time waits for no man, not even a great man like Clint.

EastwoodClint natal

Clint Eastwood was born in San Francisco on 31st May 1930 at 17.35hrs. He is a Sun sign Gemini with a proud Leo Moon and a secretive Scorpio ascendant. A couple of notes about this chart first. This is a very giving chart with majority of the planets in the western hemisphere and with 5 planets in cardinal signs Clint is someone who is pro-active, who wants to make things happen. The Sun Moon combination suggests his ability to communicate and his inquisitive nature brings him the love and adoration that the Leo Moon needs.

Looking at this chart, there are three things in my estimation that stand out. Firstly the Saturn Venus/Pluto and Uranus t-square which connects the 2nd 5th and 8th houses, three of the 4 succedent houses on the chart. The second is the position of Neptune at the top of the chart, and the third is the position of Mercury.

Let’s start with Mercury in Taurus, personalized because of the Gemini Sun, retrograde and opposite the Scorpio ascendant. Here is the character of the man we see on the screen; tough and rugged and rather mysterious just like the Scorpio Ascendant. Even though Clint is not a Scorpio, you can feel that intense Scorpio side in him, can’t you? This is a guy who doesn’t say much, as Mercury is retrograde, the thought and communication process is internalised and when he does speak, it is never rushed and at his own pace showing the influence of Taurus. I have heard that people praise his films because of the timing involved, they never seem hurried. This is the direct influence of this oh so important Mercury, as his films progress as Clint sees them in his mind’s eye.

Now that Mercury is connected to the second of those important areas in the chart, Neptune conjunct to the Midheaven by a square aspect. Neptune the planet of film and TV being the most elevated planet on this chart shows that Clint was never going to lack inspiration and the square to Mercury adds a lot of pizzazz, artistic ability and a love of music and drama. The square in a way brings a clever and subtle way Clint expresses himself, you hang on what he says. Mercury in Taurus rules the voice, and Clint’s quiet understated voice was unmistakable and many of his films have quotes which will go down in cinematic history.

The placement of Neptune in his 10th house of career shows that an artistic life was always bound to be a potential career avenue for him, and the placement in Virgo brings an appreciation of the technical art of film making. The Midheaven in Leo complementing his Leo Moon brings a tremendous need for love and appreciation in the work that one does. That Moon is placed in the 9th house of philosophy, learning and travel and often brings with it a hankering for foreign travel early in life. This Clint did in joining the military and serving for the US forces in Korea. Mars, the military planet is in Aries so is in a aggressive mood here and it makes a square to the 9th house Moon as well as a trine to the Midheaven and Neptune. Two other things here to note. The latter aspect explains Clint’s all action roles featuring plenty of violence and the use of guns in his films and the Moon Mars square shows an impatient attitude and someone who is very demanding, irritable and does have a temper.

Just one last thing in this section, the position of Jupiter. It sits in Gemini in Clint’s 8th house. This show an aptitude for using other people’s talents and bringing them together with your ideas, in essences an ability to connect the dots, to a make a whole out of the sum of the parts. In film making, this is the essence of a good director in taking all the components and combining them in the right way to get the desired effect you want. Jupiter sits at the midpoint of the Mars trine to Neptune/Midheaven showing all that charisma, action and inspiration flowing into that Jupiter. When it comes to big business and finding money to make his film projects, Clint would never have any problem in getting someone to back him.

Now to the t-square which dominates the chart. It connects a very powerful Saturn opposed to Pluto Venus and square to Uranus and that Saturn also aspects to Jupiter and the Gemini Sun via quindecile and inconjunct  aspects respectively. You may not believe this, but I think that the young Clint Eastwood lacked a bit in self confidence when he was young. Saturn in the second is very hard on the self belief, but over time one learns through the mistakes and through life itself. The area where Clint would have to learn more than anywhere would have been his relationships with women.

Pluto and Venus in sentimental Cancer in the 8th house of intimacy and sexual experiences opposed by harsh Saturn and squared by unpredictable Uranus in the 5th house of love affairs showed he had an insatiable need for close, intense emotional encounters, ones which would start out of the blue but would end just as quickly. The 7th house Sun shows a need for sharing one’s life with someone, but the inconjunct to the Sun from Saturn shows that this would not be achieved easily. The 7th house is ruled by Venus (Taurus on the Cusp) and with the difficult aspects that Venus receives on the chart, one could predict that his permanent relationships would be transformational (Pluto), fleeting (Uranus) and punctured with disappointments (Saturn). He has fathered 7 children from 5 women, and has dated a succession of beautiful women in his life.

The t-square also hints that Clint would be the type of person who would want to push back boundaries Saturn square Uranus and to break stereotypes throughout his life. Conservative he may often be with that Saturn in Capricorn, very cynical and uncompromising, but every so often he would surprise people in showing a far gentle and more progressive attitude than you would expect. That is pushed by that Venus in Cancer which is touching, thoughtful and patriotic.

EastwoodClint transits

As I said at the beginning, time waits for no man, and nor do the planets. Transiting Neptune is now opposite Clint’s natal Neptune and Midheaven, bring confusion and disappointment to one’s public image. This is one of those aspects which occurs to us all at around 80 years of age and degrades one’s body and as natal Neptune is connected to Clint’s Mercury by a tension aspect, it may be affecting his mind. The transiting Nodes were also square to this conjunction as well as Neptune in the heavens and over the past week or two I have written about a succession of people (Prince Harry, Lance Armstrong) who’s reputations have been affected by this formation in the sky. Transiting Saturn is opposing Clint’s all action Mars which rules his 6th house of health, slowing him down and transiting Pluto is opposing his Venus and Uranus is square and this opposition resonates all around his chart and will affect his physical body to function in the same way as it has done, with Pluto ruling his chart through the Scorpio Ascendant.

Clint’s natal Saturn sits at 10 Capricorn and is in the firing line of Pluto into next year, and I would guess that this approaching conjunction may see him having to take life even easier. It may soon be time for Clint to bow out of the public eye, and I suggest he does so that he can enjoy his life to the full. He does not need to prove anything to anyone anymore, and his catalog of films he starred in and directed are a testament to a great man and a great career. Clint is someone who has brought joy and entertainment to the world, myself included. I want to remember him that way…  

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