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ClickR-Figure It Out/Stop-Time Night Cream

By Stephanie1 @NewBeautyReview
If you don't know by now, I'm in absolute LOVE with ClickR! I posted a review on their No More Derma Drama, Daily Dermabrasion Wash 2 months ago.  To give you an update on the No More Derma Drama, I thought I'd end up using it every 2 weeks because it gave such a thorough cleansing, I figured I wouldn't need it more often. I found myself wanting to use it more because it never irritated my skin. I would use it to wash my face after being out all day. It never burned my eyes or felt abrasive. It's almost like a cleanser and exfoliant because it serves both purposes.  So much for every 2 weeks! Lol! Since this last post my relationship with ClickR has blossomed! We send each other tweets on twitter & share an equal respect and admiration for each other's work. I've never spoken to Florence (the owner) directly but I enjoy our tweets and always send along my best wishes to the woman who's made many people's skin dreams come true! (Hi Florence! XO) I do my absolute best to let anyone, who will listen, know just how brilliant this product line is! I had a chance to speak with Lauren (Hi Lauren!!), who wears many hats for the company, and she suggested I try another product. I gave details about my skin and she decided to send me the Figure It Out/Stop-Time Night Cream. By the way she described it, I thought it sounded perfect! She sent it right away and OH EM GEE!  First of all, I opened the box to find it wrapped in black tissue paper with skulls on it! It was funny because it seemed contradictory to this product that brings your skin to life but it was edgy and fun, I loved it so much that I kept it, all of it! :-) It also came with another handwritten note, which we all know mean the world to me :-) As for the cream, the first thing that got me was the scent. I always smell creams/lotions before I put them on and this smells SO good! It reminds me of a candle I had that's been discontinued but it has the kind of scent you want around you all the time. I'd want every room in my house to smell this good! It smells pure and there's no trace of junk ingredients. Have you ever gotten a cream that smells like chemicals, medicine or plastic? This is NOT that cream! It's sweet yet soothing but gentle enough that it could also work in a baby's room. I'm telling you, everyone will LOVE the scent. I wasn't sure if I wanted to eat it or use it as body cream, perfume, shampoo or sit in a tub of it!! True story! I noticed the texture was PERFECT!! It wasn't oily, it sunk right into my skin, leaving no residue behind, just supple, smooth, hydrated skin. I also put some on my hands and gave some to my Mom, who wanted to keep it! Lol!  As usual, I read the literature and it became crystal clear why it works so well: Before I say anything, remember that night time is extremely important for skin care. It's the time when our skin repairs itself. It detoxifies itself by pushing out toxins and it absorbs whatever we put on it as well. So I'm very careful with what I use at night because I know it's making a huge difference for my skin. It's made with Gold, Silver & Mother of Pearl! How luxurious, right? Perfect for me!  The Silver helps to minimize lines & wrinkles while fighting bacteria and the Mother of Pearl helps fight free radicals. The Gold sends oxygen to the skin which gives a "healthy glow" that we all want!  Sunflower Extract helps to smooth & nourish the skin. Ceramide 2 helps repair environmental & sun damage while the Sodium Hyaluronate traps moisture in & locks it in the skin so it can't escape. Dipalmitoyl Hydroxyproline rejuvenates, firms & moisturizes and the Hydrolized Mytrus Communis Extract reduces lines & wrinkles while promoting cell longevity.  I know the ingredients may sound foreign but as a Licensed Esthetician I can tell you these are all good!  The best part is it's good for ALL skin types, even the most sensitive skin! I'm quite amazed at ClickR's diversity with their products. They make these products that are essentially for a certain skin type yet others can still use them with no complications. Genius! Do your skin a favor and try ClickR!
ClickR-Figure It Out Stop-Time Night Cream ($38-1.7oz) ClickR-Figure It Out/Stop-Time Night Cream
Keep it pretty! *Stephanie*

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