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Clear Skin for Spring

By Simplebird12 @Victoria_Cheryl
Bye Bye Dry Winter SkinClear Skin for SpringAfter a cold, damp, windy winter our skin can feel damaged and weak, with Spring on it's way it is time for a fresh lift with products that can bring our skin back to feeling new again. In the winter we need to build up the moisture in our skin to help control the dryness and to protect from damge, we buy extra-emollient creams and butters to build up a thick layer and to keep the skin feeling soft. As the season's change often there is an increase in moisture, both in the air and in the skin.  Holding all that extra moisture against our skin can cause unexplained breakouts that last longer than usual.(especially in the face) Using the ticker products from winter do not help, we need to restore our natural moisture levels and our skin is screaming out for a change in it's daily routine.

Clear Skin for Spring
Simple Derma Intensive Relief cream is specially formulated with highly effective natural Aquaxyl™ and Canola Oil, this easy to apply, non greasy, fast acting Intensive Relief Cream helps to deeply hydrate and restore your skin’s natural moisture levels as it helps to protect and prevents further moisture loss.
This is a light formula that helps to start off restoring the skin for the warmer season ahead. 
Where to buy
When looking for a product to restore my skin, I wanted something that explained what it did and a small size item, as I want to try it out first.
  • Super drug- £2.29 for 50ml- I tried it, loved it and now I have ran out.
  • Amazon- £4.05 or 125ml- this is what I need now.
  • Boots, Lloyds,
Clear Skin for Spring
This product really helped with my breakouts- Freederm Treatment Gel 25g areanti-inflammatory spot treatments.They contain an anti-inflammatory active ingredient - nicotinamide - which has beenclinically proven to help get rid of inflamed red spots.These are the ones that are reddish-coloured, usually tender, and sometimes have pus in them. You apply a small amount on the area and rub it in. This product dries clear so you can coutine with your daily make-up routine, the only thing is that if you put to much gel on, it develops white around the area, so Only apply a small amount, it will last for ages.Where to buy
  • Any pharmacies
  • Boots- £6.39
These product have worked a dream for me and my skin has started to feel restored. The winter weather is still here so keep using your thick moisturers, but as the season starts to move on gradually start using your lighter products. My skin is a sensitive, dry type, with the products I have shown above, they are for all skin types so you are more than welcome to try them out.

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