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Classy Career Girl's First Year of Blogging

By Classycareergirl @classycareer
Classy Career Girl's First Year of BloggingOne day a year ago, I started a blog.  I created a 30 before 30 bucket list.  I embarrased my moms, dad and brother.  I went on too many work trips, I juggled work and school, tried to find time to work out, went on a vacation, learned to manage my time and email better.  I started the networking challenge and began knocking down my barriers to networking.  I asked people for informational interviews, smiled at strangers and daydreamed.   I learned to organize my life and work and became tired of workplace gossip and that darn glass ceiling. I went to executive speaker seminars at school by the former President of Jack  and former Head of NASA.  I completed a half marathon with my mom, I wrote about how to throw a great dinner party but never threw one, maybe next year.   I attended career seminars on resume writing, interview preparation, nailing presentations, salary negotiations and linkedin.  I read Our Iceberg is Melting, Never Eat Alone and 1,001 Ways to Thank Your Employees. I went to my high school reunion and learned how to unwind after a busy week.  I tried not to spend too much time at the mall buying new business outfits, work totes and shoes. 
It's been a busy year here at Classy Career Girl!  Thank you for reading and commenting.  I have thoroughly enjoyed learning with you this year and I am excited for what the future holds! Have a fabulous weekend everyone!
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