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Classy Career Girl Featured Commenter: February 2012

Posted on the 02 March 2012 by Classycareergirl @classycareer

February’s featured commenter is Melissa, a young professional from Ohio. Melissa’s photo here is a GREAT example of a photo that you can have anyone take for your profiles on LinkedIn and other social media sites.  She looks very professional and it doesn’t have to be professionally done.  Have your friend, mother or sister take the photo and smile big! Melissa wins one of my favorite books for the career girl, Negotiation Genius: How To Overcome Obstacles at the Bargaining Table and Beyond.  Congrats Melissa!

Classy Career Girl Featured Commenter: February 2012

Here is her recent comment and answer to the question, “How Do You Keep It Classy With Difficult Co-workers?”  I tweeted part of her comment and it got a lot of RTs so I knew it was a good one!

I kill them with kindness. It’s amazing to see how simple manners and a kind hearted gesture can change an individual’s temperament. I also get them talking about things that interest them. Expressing an interest in something that is important to them lessens the hassle and cuts back on the attitude. It’s never appropriate to be disrespected. It is however, important to know when to pick and choose your battles.”

Thanks to the rest of the commenters this month!  I really appreciate each one and try to return all of them ASAP.

Would love to hear your thoughts also!  How do you keep it classy with difficult co-workers?

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