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Ciate Advent Calendar - Favourite Shades

By Lotionsandpotions @LotionNPotion
So, the challenge is over and I tried out 24 nail varnishes in 24 days!
There were some highs and some lows (looking at you, Mojito! Door 23 - see here) and I've developed a nail crush on a few shades I never would have considered before.
There were a few standout, clear winners for me though. Shades I know I will wear again and again and probably purchase the full size when my dinky calendar one runs out.
Cupcake Queen (Door 1 - see here and here), which grew on me after I wore it on a night out.
Halo (Door 3 - see here), which looks so pretty layered over a silver polish. Or over any color if you want to add a lovely, holographic sparkle!
Cabaret (Door 5 - see here), a beautiful plum color.
Angel Wings (Door 6 - see here), which is very similar to shades I already own, so I know I'll wear it often!
Mistress (Door 9 - see here), which I wasn't sure about at first, but looks nice when jazzed up with a gold tip. It's a classic red, so I'm sure this one was popular!
Ladylike Luxe (Door 10 - see here). A beautiful shimmery gold shade.
Speed Dial (Door 14 - see here), which was another that I wasn't sure about. It's a bright orange shade, which looks much nicer on than in the bottle.
Cookies and Cream (Door 19 - see here). Again, this is similar to shades I already own, so went down a treat.
And my favorite Caviar Pearls shades were, without a shadow of a doubt, Bumble Bee (Door 11 - see here) and Sundance (Door 22 - see here).
It's been fun, but I won't be doing a nail challenge again for a while, my nails need a good long rest!!
Maybe next year, if I get another nail varnish calendar?
Anyhow, here they all are, the shades of 2012! (And if you got this far, then you deserve a medal - super long post!)
Ciate Advent Calendar - Favourite Shades

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