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Chubby and Grubby: The il-Lib-non-Dems

By Davidduff

Happily, because I am pressed for time, today I can lean on the stalwart figure of Stephen Glover writing in today's Daily Mail in order to add my vituperation to this disgusting collection of creeps, perves and hypocrites whose dishonesty is manifest in the name they have chosen for themselves - 'Liberal Democrats!'  Glover, being an experienced political observer, has the memory to recall some of their worst offenders - Jeremy Thorpe (tried but aquitted for conspiracy to murder), the monstrous Cyril Smith (apparently, a serial kiddie-fiddler), Chris Huhne (liar and law-breaker), David Laws (£40k expenses cheat now back in government), Mark Oaten (rent-boy renter) . . . and so the list goes on.  To be fair, which I am not really inclined to be, they are not the only party to have some deeply peculiar people in their ranks but, as Glover points out, for a small party they seem to have more than their fair share!  Now we have the latest pair of 'dodgy geezers', Lord Rennard, former LibDem campaign manager with all the honesty of a latter-day Joseph Goebbels; and the LibDem leader himself, Nick Clegg, who sucked up all Rennard's rotten propaganda and spat it out to the electorate - some of whom were daft enough to swallow it.


Lord Rennard and Nick Clegg

Photos: Daily Mail

If there was one operation which sums up the nauseating nature of il-Lib-non-Dem activity it was the by-election in Bermondsey back in 1983, as Glover reminds us:

Lord Rennard appears to have been associated  with one of the most infamous dirty tricks in political history. In the 1983  Bermondsey by-election, the Labour candidate, Peter Tatchell, was gay. He was  demonised by Liberal activists because of his homosexuality – some of them wore  ‘I’ve been kissed by Peter Tatchell’ badges – even though their own candidate,  Simon Hughes, was secretly gay(My emphasis)

Fortunately, today, there is no excuse for anyone not to know that the leading elements of the il-Lib-non-Dems contain a mixed bunch of hypocritical but ruthless perves and liars, and at their pinnacle stands the biggest lying hypocrite of the lot, nice, chubby-cheeked, smiley Nicholas Clegg MP.

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