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Chikaan Sa Cebu

By Synzmemoir @synzmemoir
Chikaan sa Cebu Recently my father went home from his work in Singapore. After picking him up at the airport, we headed directly to Chika-an sa Cebu located in Cebu Parkmall Mandaue. My dad wanted to eat mongo soup, so he bring the whole family in Chika-an, where he believe, serves the yummiest mongo soup. Its his favorite, so I trust him with this. :)
Chikaan sa Cebu As soon as our ass hit the chair, my father ordered the mongo soup[P130]. This soup is good for 4-5 persons per serving. Like what my father said, this mongo soup is really delicious.
Chikaan sa Cebu By the way, this little guy seems to have a lot of food to order. heheehe
Chikaan sa Cebu My father seems to miss Filipino food coz he ordered this Relienong Talong[P75]. I don't like talong very much so I didn't had a chance to nibble on this one. It looks great though. ^_^ 
Chikaan sa Cebu After my father ordered Chicharong Bulaklak [P110], I realize that he is craving for Filipino food. He usually order seafoods whenever we dine outside. But that day was different. Anyway, this Chicharong Bulaklak is great. Its crispy and delicious. 
Chikaan sa Cebu We're a big fan of crabs, especially my sister. We usually dine on restaurant that serves crabs in any form. Fortunately, Chika-an sa Cebu serves crabs [P99/100grams] in different ways. It can be cook just the way you want it. They can serve it with garlic, with coco cream,  with salt & pepper, fried with garlic vinegar, or steamed. As for our order, we have it steamed, just the way we like it. 
Chikaan sa Cebu Hmmm... Baked Scallops [P128]. This is one of my favorite. Need I say more? ^_^ 
Chikaan sa Cebu  Yeah! I love seafood, especially shrimp. Shrimp is my super favorite. Trust me, this Camaron Rebosado [P165] taste really great. 
Chikaan sa Cebu Lastly, the Crispy Pata which is sooooo crispy. Their Crispy Pata  came in small [P255] or large [P299] serving. Small Crispy Pata, which is what we ordered, is good for 4-5 person.
Rice eater? No worries. Chikaan sa Cebu offers unlimited rice. So you can ask for more rice if you want. All in all, they have great food, cozy ambiance and excellent service. Prices of food ranges from P35-P300. Their food really worth every penny. ^_^
Chika-an – Lahug
Salinas Drive, Lahug [across Cebu Northwinds Hotel]
Tel nos.: 63-32-233-0350, 63-32-233-0358
Hours: 11:30 am to 2:00 pm / 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Chika-an – SM City Cebu
2nd Floor, Northwing Extension
SM City Cebu
Chika-an- Parkmall
Parkmall, Mandaue
Tel.no.: 4209221

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