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Chatting With Phoenix! - An Interview

Posted on the 26 January 2012 by Alexxmomcat @MomCat_Reviews
Where didyou grow up? Do you thing your childhood impacts your writing?
Igrew up in a small town, population of about a thousand people.Everyone knew each other. I was born with Golden Haar syndrome, whichgave me a cleft in my left cheek. It was stitched closed when I wasabout three months old, and they did a shocker job, so I’ve grownup with a horrid scar across my left cheek right up to my ear. Ofcourse, kids being kids, I had a horrible time with teasing, and so Iwould escape in to the realms of fantasy, safe in the pages of abook.  
I’vealways loved paranormal, where anything goes and everyone is acceptedfor the way they are. Well, not always accepted but there are someweird and wonderful things in paranormal; I guess you could say thatmy love of paranormal is a coping mechanism for being “different”.Loving reading paranormal so much, when I was encouraged to startwriting again, it was only natural that I immediately turned toparanormal, even when I didn’t set off to write it.
Do yoursiblings if you have any, find their way into your stories?
Mytwo sisters are 8 and 10 years older than me, so I was only about 8when they left home. In two of my stories the leading ladies aresingle children, so I guess my sisters do influence the characters,because for about 10 years, I was the only child at home. That’snot to say that one day they won’t make it in one or more, just notyet.
Growing upwere you considered a “bookish person” ?
*Laughs*I was never without a book. I would read everything insite, and I mean everything. I could read the back of the same cerealbox everyday, and not care. No one else in my family can read on acar trip, nor can they read more than one book at a time withoutgetting the storylines crossed. Having to go to doctors an hour awayfairly regularly, I would read the entire way, and often packed acouple books. My mother was astonished that I would read one book foran hour or so, then read another book even before the first one wasfinished. She asked me one day if I ever got confused about thestorylines, and I remember giving her a strange look. I neverconsidered that most people can only read one book at a time.
Are youmarried, single? Children? 
I’vebeen with Justin for six and a half years, and we’ve been planningon getting married almost that entire time. Unfortunately every timewe start organizing and have solid plans something comes up and ourplans go out the window. But I’m determined to get there one day!
Togetherwe have a cheeky little almost-three-year old, Jayde. She isincredibly intelligent and total bonkers about animals and books,just like me. Of course, she also is a bit car crazy, as well, justlike Daddy. So far no plans for a brother or sister for her, but it’snot ruled out. We’re just not ready yet.
Who do youread? What genres do you enjoy? Can you list 5 that you think wewould enjoy?
Whodo I read… Anne Bishop is my all time favorite author. The way Idescribe my love affair with her writing would be that I am addictedto it. I simply adore her worlds. This lady knows how to weave anintoxicating web of paranormal fantasies.  So Ithink it’s safe to say that paranormal is my absolute favourite,though I do enjoy reading BDSM and M/M if it’s the right author.The two authors responsible for introducing me to the wonders of BDSMand M/M are Cassandre Dayne and Pablo Michaels. Pablo sparked myinterest with his Six Sentence Sunday snippets and Cassandre justblew the door the rest of the way open. She did the same with BDSM aswell.  I ampleased to know so many talented authors now, it’s hard to pick,but I think that Kim Faulks, a fellow Aussie, is worth mentioning forher Fire and Ice series, very droolworthy, and I must say Ithoroughly enjoyed Earth Angel by Charlie Kenmore. Not a gratuitybit, I genuinely enjoyed that read immensely!   I believe you!
Who is yourall time favorite author and why?
DefinitelyAnne Bishop. There is something about her writing that transports thereader to that world. I get completely drawn in to her stories andeven find myself mouthing dialog as I read, as if I am thatcharacter. I laugh and cry without fail every single time. Even justthinking about certain sad scenes gets me choked up!
Ebook orpaperback? Why?
Forpersonal reading, paperback wins, hands down. There is nothing likethe smell of the paper pages of a new books, or even a well readfavourite. It’s a comfort thing for me. Having been teasedrelentlessly as a kid, books were my refuge. There weren’telectronic books then, and even if there were, we didn’t have theinternet (my parents still don’t have the internet) so I wouldn’thave known.
Froma business side of things, I do see the value of e-books, andappreciate the fact that some stories are too long for an anthologybut too short to be a printed book of their own, so they find a nichein the e-book market. My first trilogy will all be e-books as theyare only novellas. I don’t think a skinny book is worth the effort,myself. I like my printed books fat, with loads of story!
How manybooks do you read a month? What are you reading now?
Idon’t read as much as I’d like, but I can easily read 2-3 fullsized novels a month. Unless it’s Harry Potter. I can read the HPbooks in about a week each for the bigger ones.  Currently,I’ve started Anne Bishop’s Twilight’s Dawn again. It’s herfinal novel in the Black Jewels series, and it is a heart-breakingread in some parts. I freely admit that I cry like a baby when I readit.
What's yourfavorite way to relax and recharge? Hobbies? 
Ialways have to be doing something, so I can’t just sit and watch amovie. I have to be playing a game on my phone at the same time, orwashing up, just something that keeps me physically busy. Unless I’mreading. I can read for hours without moving if given the chance.  Drawing,when I get the inspiration, and photography are other hobbies that Ilove. I even bought a Nikon DSLR for the photography, I really wantto get better.
Do you havea favorite quote? Does it have a special meaning to you?
Idon’t think I have a particular quote, but I love those power ones,about positive thinking. I’m all for the power of positivity, andthat the Universe answers those thoughts.
Where doyou get your story ideas from? Does your environment, mood play apart in what you write?
Iwish I knew where my story ideas come from. Alana, my muse, likes tohit me randomly with ideas, I think. Though Acapello’s Lady, a“vanilla” romance, came to me during a Wii workout, whilelistening to Cotton Eye Joe, and then really came in full forceduring the cold shower following.  TheWolf Smitten Trilogy started with a scene writing itself in my headone night while trying to go to sleep.  Asfor The Crypt, that was inspired by a contest on a friend’s blog.Like I said, Alana is a pretty random muse.
How longhave you been writing?
Ifirst gave writing a go back when I was fourteen, and was goingpretty well until I lost the story. I still have the idea, and planto make it a Young Adult series under a different name. After I movedout of home when I graduated from school, I tried starting it again,but it just wasn’t cooperating, so I gave up. Then, whileorganizing a Naming Ceremony for our daughter, I had a lot of emailcorrespondence with the Celebrant, Helen. On the day, she asked me ifI had considered writing, and in a discussion with Helen and my auntAnnette, I decided that it was high time to get back to it. I startedoff just writing journals, practicing. Then I started with aparanormal story about a vampirique witch and the woman he rescues.That story has been at a standstill for almost a year now, but I planon coming back to it. I think the journals and the vampirique witchstory were just run-ups, so to speak, to launch me back in towriting.
Do you havea writing “ritual”? Where, music, etc. If you use music can youshare a few of the titles so we may check them out. 
Firstly,I tend to have to wait until Jayde is at daycare so I have some peacefrom her, and then I’m either listening to movies or Bones on tv,or I blast P!nk’s I’m Not Dead Album, or The Foo Fighters albumEchoes, Silence, Patience, Grace. I love their music. It’s all veryinspiring, and powerful.
Are you anout liner or a pantster? Why?
Pantster?That’s a new one. For the most part, I can’t work with a setoutline. I’ve tried it, and I just struggle. Sometimes I can havethe ideas there, but they remain fluid until they are included in thestory. So I guess I’m a pantster, and proud of it!
How do youdo your research? Ahead of time or do you “drop ship” it asneeded.
Idrop ship, most definitely. I’ve always been like that, even withschool assignments, I would have to research along the way.
Do you setdaily or weekly writing goals? What are they word count? Chapters? 
WhenI’m in the zone, I aim for 2000 words a day, though I have managedto break the 3000 work barrier. It doesn’t sound like a lot for anexperienced writer, I know authors who can smash out 10k a day, butI’m happy with 2000 words. It allows me to absorb where the storyis going and think ahead, figure out what’s to come and how to makeit work.
Do you geta chance to write every day? If so do you prefer to write during theday or at night?
I’ma day writer. I like my sleep too much to write at night, and withJayde being an early riser, I need all the sleep I can get. I wouldlove to be able to write every day, but with her being such ahandful, it makes it difficult so I at least try to aim for writingat least once a week. Even if it’s just a synopsis, it stillcounts.
What do youhope your Books bring to readers?
Eachone of my stories has it’s own little moral, I guess you could say.The Wolf Smitten trilogy is all about finding love that is good foryou, and if you aren’t happy, then get out. Some people preferbeing in an unhappy relationship rather than being alone, but life istoo short to be with someone who makes you miserable. I’m alsohoping, with the final installment in the trilogy, to raise awarenessof the plight of the wolf. They are not animals that go aroundlooking to attack humans and they don’t deserve to be hunted to thebrink of extinction. They are beautiful animals that deserve ourprotection.
Acapello’sLady is another one about not giving up on love. No matter how uglyyou think you are, to someone else, you are beautiful. I’m not thehappiest with how I am but Justin makes me feel drop dead gorgeous.I’m working on getting myself to where I’m also happy with me,but it’s for myself. When you find someone who truly does love youhow you are, they will make you feel beautiful even if you’ve justwoken up with bed hair and only in your pj’s.
Where doyou see yourself in your career in 5 years, 10?
In 5years I would love to have a couple books of my own in mybookshelves, to be able to look at them when I’m in a funk, andremind myself that I did that. I achieved something tangible and havethe proof! In 10 years, I’d love to have even more proof!*chuckles* It would also be wonderful if, somewhere along the way, Iget successful enough that I can save up the money that comes in fromthe books get me my dream car, or, if we have the land, a horse ortwo.  Andof course, believing in the power of positivity as I do, if you thinkit, it will happen!
Would youlike to tell us what you're working on now?
I’mjuggling a few right now. I still have to finish the Wolf SmittenTrilogy, in the middle of the second at the moment. Then as soon asthey’re done I’ll be throwing myself in to Acapello’s Lady andThe Crypt. Chatting With Phoenix!  - An Interview
Wolf Smitten is a paranormal erotic trilogy ofnovellas about Krissy, her new neighborDerek, and his deep dark secret. Her ex is the villain in the firstone, his ex is the villain in the second, and in the final one,Leader of The Pack, there is a real dilemma when Derek has the chanceto regain his normal life.

Chatting With Phoenix!  - An Interview

Used with permission

Acapello’sLady is a romance about Bailey, an insecure young woman living on theranch her parents left her when they died, her Tennessee Walkingstallion, and the stranger who turns their lives upside down. Love,heartbreak and a story about people not being who you think they are.
TheCrypt is my first attempt at horror. Paranormal, of course. Acreature who possess a handsome man, taking away his love and hislife, wreaking havoc on town after town until they are trapped in TheCrypt, unable to die, unable to feed. Except for one night a year,when the creature rules supreme. This is in really early days, butI’m hoping that this will be a real spine-tingler!Ialso have my own paranormal romance anthology I will slowly bepulling together as well, called The Lover’s Lovers. It will befull of short stories about a demigod, known only as The Lover, whois called in when a friend or family member is giving up on love. Heteaches them to never give up on love. The Lover was originally acharacter I made up when I wrote a short story to cheer up a dearfriend and I ran the idea of making an anthology for him past her,and she was so excited. And so the idea for The Lover’s Lovers wasborn!
What advicewould you give to unpublished authors?
Don’tgive up. Get your name out there, and get networking. Practice onshorter stories if you can, get the technique down, and don’t giveup. Just because one publisher says no does not mean you can’twrite. It just means they might not be looking for that particulargenre or style at that time. Also, look for writing/author groups,online and in real life. Get to networking and you’ll find awonderful bunch of people who encourage and assist those who need it.I know I wouldn’t be as confident in my writing as I am todaywithout my network of authors, editors and reviewers.  Fun Stuff
Ilove baking and cooking. I always have since I cooked my firstlasagna and roast chicken when I house-sat for my sister when I wassixteen. Both were a success, of course.
Afavourite recipe of mine is Pineapple and Coconut Cake, though I makethe recipe as muffins. It’s super moist, not too sweet and is bestserved hot. The cake is served well with a small dollop of cream, orif you’re having fresh, hot muffins, spread a little butter overthem. The slightly salty taste is a wonderful contrast. These arealso a favorite of my Dad’s.   Phoenix I so want this Recipe!   I so must have this recipe!
 Thisrecipe can be found in a recipe book that Naughty Nights Press isputting together over the next few months, so keep your eye out forSinful Delights; favorite recipes from Naughty Nights Press authorsand staff.
Black.Hands down. I’m a goth at heart. Though I also love purple, red andblue.
CHOCOLATE!Haha of course. Though I enjoy a nice yoghurt, pasta, almost anythingchicken. I love food.
Favoritetime of year and why?
Itwould have to be autumn or spring, when the weather is mild. I don’tmind the cold, I can handle it fairly well, but I hate the heat ofsummer. I do not cope well with heat. Having been born with nothyroid gland, it makes me sensitive to it, and I dehydrate veryquickly!
3 thingsyou want us to know but we did not cover above!
I amcrazy about horses and wolves. Horses more so. People think of me,they usually think horses. Both of these animals are my spiritguides.
Leadingfrom that, I’m very spiritual. I guess you could say Pagan, justnot a “practicing” Pagan. Though I was raised Lutheran, I findthere to be too many questions in Christianity. It never felt right.  I’ma sucker for kids movies, especially Disney Pixar and the DisneyClassics.  
Tell us about your upcoming release.
I’m yet to be published, just getting my name out thereeverywhere I can to build a fan base, but my first release, throughNaughty Nights Press, will be The Wolf In The Neighborhood, Book Oneof The Wolf Smitten Trilogy of paranormal erotic novellas.
Chatting With Phoenix!  - An Interview
Krissy is an author in Manhattan, recovering from an abusive exboyfriend. She is an attractive woman who spends her morningssunbathing on the rooftop of her apartment building. She keeps herpast a shrouded mystery, not wanting to relive painful memories. Her new neighbor Derek is a veterinarian with a dark secret.Having lived in England for quite a few years he has an interestingpast of his own, which he is happy to divulge.
They are drawn to each other from the moment their eyes meeton the rooftop of the apartment building. Their attraction is strongand it does not take long for them to give in to their urges. Krissyand Derek find comfort in each other’s company, not just sexuallybut mentally and emotionally as well as they heal from past hurts.
When Krissy’s ex boyfriend arrives, she gets more than shebargained for as he shows just how ugly he is and making she realizesjust how lucky she is to have escaped his clutches. His appearanceforces Derek to reveal his darker side. Refusing to have hisreputation tarnished James soon returns with extra hands to showDerek and Krissy who is boss. With Krissy as his prize, he will doanything to take Derek out of the picture and claim back what belongsto him.
The lovers find an unlikely savior in Mike, the new doorattendant in their apartment building. An ex-military man, Mike hashis heart set on the beautiful Krissy and shows envy at how quicklyDerek sweeps in to her life. When he witnesses their kidnapping, hefollows to save the woman. Watching her concern for Derek’sinjuries makes him realize she will never be his. Sustaining his owninjury in the rescue, he does everything he can to save Krissy andher new lover.
(You can find a different excerpt on my author website)Suddenly she heard a bang like a door being slammed open,thudding footsteps and a grunt from James above her as his weight wasthrown off her. Krissy opened one eye in a squint, her heart leapingas she saw Derek’s form standing over her, only to feel dread againas she saw on Derek’s face the same look of malice that had crossedJames’ face moments earlier. Was she wrong about this man? Had lastnight been a trick by another ugly soul?  James got up, wiping blood from the corner of his mouth,looking hideous in his rage. Krissy lay on the couch between them,frozen from terror, trying to cover herself with the ruins of hertank top; tears poured from her eyes as these two hulks towered aboveher, glaring each other down like two alpha wolves fighting over thefelled deer. All she could hear was heavy breathing from the men andher own panicky breaths competing with her heart pounding in herchest.  A growl emanated from Derek as his mouth curled in to a primalsnarl, the sight making her heart stop momentarily. She half expectedhim to sprout facial hair, fangs and a shaggy mane. Krissy blinked toclear her vision; her mind’s eye was projecting her expectations.For a moment there she could have sworn Derek’s teeth had grown andhis hair appeared shaggier with gray streaks showing through. Whenshe looked back, she realized her eyes weren’t fooling her; he hadindeed sprouted fangs, his hair now a deep gray. Her eyes wide, shebarely tore her gaze away to see the reaction on James’ face: sheerterror. She could smell an acrid scent, and a growing darkness drewher eye to his crotch: James had wet himself in fear. Pityconstricted her chest. As much of an asshole as James was, she couldonly imagine what it was like being on the receiving end of thiscreature’s anger.  Krissy risked a glance back at wolf-Derek, only to find him –it? – looking her over. She had no idea what was lurking behindthose eyes and the steely gaze had her in such fear she thought shewas going to throw up. As it took a step towards her she tried tosink further in to the couch. A long, clawed finger reached down toher face; she started shaking so hard, she thought she was going tovibrate herself in to pieces. The image made her snort laughter in anodd high-pitched gurgle, making the advancing finger hesitate, beforeit finished its path to her cheek, gently stroking the red area whereJames had struck her earlier. Concern flickered in wolf-Derek’seyes, quickly replaced again by anger as he turned his gaze back onJames.
Another growl ripped the silence apart and James whimpered ashe backed away. Derek edged to the left towards her head, Jamesedging to his left towards her feet in response, not wanting to gettoo close to the monster. Slowly they edged around so James had aclear path to the door; he hesitated only a moment, scampering downthe hall like a frightened rabbit as Derek took one menacing stepdirectly towards him.  Krissy giggled at the comic appearance of James, until sherealized that she was now alone with the creature that was, onlymoments before, her new neighbor Derek. She slowly turned her head inhis direction, afraid of what she would see.
Chatting With Phoenix!  - An Interview
*Derek is inspired by none other than the handsome JoeManganiello, who plays Alcide Herveaux in True Blood. Important note:I’ve never seen the series to have based Derek on Alcide, I haveseen Joe in other shows.
Where can readers find your books? (buy link) The Wolf Smitten Trilogy will be available on Amazon,Smashwords and All Romance. Once release dates are confirmed, I willbe posting everywhere I can about the upcoming releases, so don’tworry about missing it!
A fun factthat readers wouldn't know about you.
I’mhooked on Sims games and Lego Pirates of The Caribbean on NintendoWii!
How canreaders learn more about you? (website, blog, Facebook, etc?)
I’m in a lot of places. I have 2 blogs,www.naughtypagesofphoenix.blogspot.combeing the main, adult content one, andwww.phoenixlandscapephotography.blogspot.combeing for photography and my PG rated reviews.I have just set up an author website,www.phoenixjohnsonauthor.weebly.com,where you can find excerpts and synopsis’ for 3 of my works,including The Wolf In The Neighborhood, as well as a page about me,Friends of Phoenix and a survey where you can let me know if you likemy page!I’m also on Twitter as CK_author and PhoenixLPhotos, and have3 pages on Facebook: Phoenix Johnson, The Naughty Pages of ThePhoenix and Phoenix Photography. I’m also a member of some onlineforums for writers. What can I say, any chance for promo, I grab itwith both hands!
Alexx, thank you for having me here today, my very firstinterview. It’s been a blast being on the other side of thequestions for once!
Thank you so much for coming!  I have enjoyed chatting with you!  I look forward to reading your book when it comes out. Please let us know when it releases.

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