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Charleston Murderer: Dylann Roof (UPDATED) High School Statement Release!

Posted on the 18 June 2015 by Elle @Elle_Sweetest
Charleston Murderer: Dylann Roof (UPDATED) High School Statement Release!I woke up this morning in the wake of the world stopping because some angry little white boy decided to shoot up a Historically Black church and murder 9 people.
Dylann Roof, 21, walked into the Emanuel AME Church, in Charleston, South Carolina, attended bible study, and then opened fire, killing 9 members of the church. In true media fashion, speculation to his mental capacities are already coming into question.
I don't really have much to say about this subject other than this my friends, is America! My prayers go out to the families and friends of those victims who's lives were taken by a coward. If you cannot see the bigger picture of what this country is becoming than this can clearly be called situations of the blind leading the blind. I can respect everyone's blame of gun control, including President Obama, but it wasn't the gun that killed those people solely because they were black. I have reached out to this monsters' high school and hopefully they will get back promptly. Check back for updates... 
Here are the questions that were asked;
1. How many of your students are black, African American, or minority?2. Are there any known racial tensions within the student body?3. Have there ever been any racially motivated fights at this school?4. Has Dylan Roof ever been involved in any clubs?5. Has Dylan Roof ever been remanded for racism?6. Can the names of Dylan Roofs parents be provided? 7. Does Dylan have any known friends?
This man does NOT have a mental defect and/or is NOT insane!
His problem is a LACK of discipline from his PARENTS!
During his academic career it seems he has been kicked out of a few schools, or left for whatever reason. He has no diploma issued by White Knoll so we can only assume he dropped out.
His educational institution, White Knoll High School, has readied this statement for press release;
1. I am getting you the district's ethnic breakdown.
2. No
3. Not that we remember
We do not have the answers to your other questions or we cannot provide that information by law. Here's what I can provide.
June 18, 2015 Information for Media Inquiries
Dylann Storm RoofDate of Birth 04-03-1994
Annual PhotographsNo annual photographs at White Knoll High SchoolNo annual photographs at Carolina Springs Middle School
Schools attended in Lexington County School District One
White Knoll High School2009–2010 G908-19-2009 entered and 02-17-2010 exited
2008–2009 G908-20-2008 entered and 06-06-2009 exited
Carolina Springs Middle School2007–2008 G808-22-2007 entered and 06-06-2008 exited
White Knoll Middle2006–2007 G7Not in student record system
White Knoll Middle School2005–2006 G6Not in student record system
White Knoll Elementary2004–2005 G5Not in student record system
2003–2004 G4Student attended for entire year.
Other schools other yearsWe can’t find anything.

Mary Beth HillChief Communications Officer
Lexington County School District One
100 Tarrar Springs Road
Lexington, SC 29072
803-821-1152 Office
803-609-1955 Mobile
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If you are not familiar with the events that occurred in Charleston...
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