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Chanel New Vintage Collection by Simons and Lagerfeld

By Clarissa17 @ClarissaSeaton

Chanel New Vintage Collection by Simons and Lagerfeld
According to the latest fashion news, everyone was missing Karl Lagerfeld dearly. This premier fashion designer was conspicuously absent at the Christian Dior Debut fashion show of designer par excellence Raf Simons. Still, attendees of the show were very much impressed with the staging of the Chanel new vintage collection show at Grand Palais. Upon witnessing the show in its entirety, people were in awe with Lagerfeld’s contribution in the show. 

Fabulous designs by Karl Lagerfeld and Raf SimonsRaf Simons successfully redefined the phrase haute couture with his Dior designs that exude minimalism. However, Karl Lagerfeld made sure of his presence in the show by injecting an all-too common yet extremely well-loved concept behind the couture, which is extravagance. This high fashion collection, known to be as the New Vintage, is all about the designer being able to make better couture dresses that came from already existing classic designs and rendering them as new vintage pieces for new generations  to appreciate.

Adaptability Played Around by Two Great DesignersWith the theme obviously setting contradictions, Karl Lagerfeld was able to present a unique collection that people can easily understand. The designer gave a beautiful tweed fabric tailored into patchwork and accentuated with chiffon cuffs. This piece impressed many to the high heavens. Most works of Lagerfeld were flamboyant yet so beautiful, which everyone expected from him.

Designs Inspired by 40s to 60s DecadesMost silhouettes were connected to past, as participating models were presented as 40s to 60s women who were filled with so much refinement. This means that they glided, instead of walked into the runway with double-breasted jackets, and snug or slim skirts. It was apparent that Karl Lagerfeld brought into the new era, and in the show, the intricacies of womanhood that was the in-thing during the past decades.The latest fashion news was simply all about being at awe with the innovativeness of Karl Lagelfeld’s design aesthetics. However, it was Raf Simons who saved the best design for last, with the main model emerging from the runway wearing a splendid, white-colored ball gown. Everyone was just blown away. Definitely, the Chanel New Vintage Show was sheer genius. Image Source: Google Images

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