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Miuccia Prada’s Newest Gift for the Fashionista

By Clarissa17 @ClarissaSeaton
Miu Miu retains its spot on women’s hearts just because of including a short in its collections. It is still rare for a brand to acknowledge the impact of a short to make a statement. Any woman can’t help but to agree with Miu Miu upon seeing this. 
Miuccia Prada’s Newest Gift for the FashionistaThe short’s lookMiu Miu short has this color that is too pleasing to the eyes. Its loose tailoring brings comfort and allows the one wearing it to walk, jump and dance up to her heart’s content. The bottom part of this has a number of beads, crystals and paillettes that can make any woman shine and stand out from the crowd. Wait. Don’t get it wrong. The short is lightweight. It is highly wearable. Promise. 
The woman’s look with her shortThe Miu Miu short is best paired with a collared shirt and ballet flats. Don’t forget to accentuate the look with a favorite clutch. With this, the crowd can see the woman as simple yet noticeable, quiet yet attention- seeking and glamorous yet down to earth. 
Why should a woman choose this?One can ignore the wind, rain, thunder and lightning but not this kind of short. It is just so hot. The details are as unique as the person wearing it. It can fit any character a woman wishes to portray. This is the type of thing that one will surely love to wear over and over again. It is made of fine quality raw materials. It can stand the test of time. 
Miuccia Prada, the DesignerMiuccia Prada is a famous intellectual and fashion designer that won several awards. Those are testaments of her credibility to revolutionize fashion pieces. On this day, she has surely made a way to make the image of a short level up. 
Truly, one short is enough to make someone feel as if she’s the prettiest woman alive. It is for the young at heart. It is for the lover of sophistication. Make this a great part of your outfit. Just let it tickle your girly senses. 
Image Source: Feyt

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