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Chaining Grok Does NOT Mean Paleo Sucks

By Gjosefsberg @gjosefsberg

Day 53. The Ink Has SpokenI’ve written before about my problems with the Paleo lifestyle.  However, I’ve also written that, minor quibbles aside, I think paleo and specifically The Primal Blueprint, are awesome lifestyles.  They’re incredibly healthy and would benefit anyone who tries to follow them.  I say this because I got a reader email that asked if my use of Grok the Caveman was intended as some kind of insult to paleo or Mark Sisson from Mark’s Daily Apple.

So let me emphatically say this once and for all.  Paleo is great, I eat a mostly paleo diet.  The Primal Blue Print is an incredible book and you’d be wise to follow its lessons.  Are there other ways to be healthy?  Sure.  Do I have issues with the Paleo?  Yes, but they’re minor.  Still, the lifestyle itself is wonderful.

So Why This Series?

Because I believe both paleo at large and The Primal Blueprint specifically are focused more on the mechanics of the lifestyle, telling you what to do and how to do it.  Neither really focuses on motivation.  That is, it’s great to tell me to not eat Oreo cookies but I also need to know how to control the urge to not to eat Oreos and how to teach myself a whole new lifestyle.  And that’s what I’m trying to do with this series.  I’m trying to teach you, through my own experimentation and reading, how to control your inner caveman.  Because while it’s great to try and live a more healthy lifestyle like our ancestors did, the fact is that we live in a modern world.

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