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Posted on the 25 September 2011 by Nandu1985 @vivek_arumanda

Depending On Genres: Mythological,socio,socio fantasy,fantasy, fiction,non fiction,animation, Social, action,romantic etc.,
Depending on Technique/Purpose/Time: 
Feature Films: This is nothing but the commercial format of films which include story,action, drama and time would last up to 2-3 hrs for an Indian film.
Ad Films: Ad films are nothing but the commercials created for publicity purpose to boost the marketing of a particular product or a brand.These ad films mostly lasts for about 30 secs in time span.
Tele Films: These are the films aimed for television purpose. These are mostly shot with normal cameras with magnetic tapes.
Documentary Films: These films are shot to describe about a lace, person or a problem. It can be anything. But these kind of films will be amid to reveal about some problem are to describe something.
Short Films: Short films are nothing but a feature film but the time span would be short. The time span of a short film would last around 15mins maximum.
Educational Films: The name itself depicts that these films are mostly shot to educate people about some particular concept or a theme.
Children Films:These kind of films are shot to entertain children or to educate them. Theme would revolve around children in the film.
Online program: This is nothing but a program which telecasts online.
Teleplay: Teleplay is nothing but the films which are shot while a stage play takes place with a single are multiple cameras. There's no need of editing for these kind of teleplays.
Animated Films: Animated films are nothing but a film which is created with the help of technology and different software's. And the motion in the film is created by arranging the drawings in order.

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