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Casual Sets & Safe Sets Never Equal Good Things

By Sarahohm @sarahohm
Good evening Beautiful,Happy Monday! I guess that’s a little “past due” since it’s 10pm on Monday night. Oh well, it doesn’t matter. Last night poor CB woke up with gout in his toe. I guess this is the second time it’s happened, and it’s causing him a lot of pain. He was up from 1-5 basically, and I finally woke up around 4 and couldn’t fall back asleep until 5ish either. It probably didn’t help that I had slept all day Sunday due to my severe hang over. I get so frustrated when I can’t fall asleep – do you? I just get so pissed off if I all of a sudden need to move around, or I accidentally open my eyes… And that was me last night for an hour. I actually contemplated just getting up at 5 and starting my day. I probably could have been productive, but I can tell you I would 100% be dying right now. I don’t do well with lack of sleep. If I could I’d have a 4 hour nap in the afternoon every day. Don’t try to fight me on the fact that napping is bad, because one of the most famous coaches, Charles Poliquin, says napping is good, so there. You can find the article here if you don’t believe me.Anyways, so that wasn’t a good start to my day. I was fairly tired going into work and had a bit of a headache. I assume I was still somewhat dehydrated from the weekend so I downed a ton of water and iced green tea (and coffee, but that doesn’t count because it’s a diuretic). Then it was getting closer and closer to workout time, and I still had my headache and I caved and borrowed an Advil from a co-worker. I don’t usually take “Advil” type pills because I can usually fix a headache with drinking lots of water, and sleep, but the water wasn’t helping and I didn’t have the option of sleeping on the job (I know, sad..). Casual Sets & Safe Sets Never Equal Good ThingsSo I had my lunch (my lunch today was so colourful! Red cabbage for lettuce, with cherry tomatoes and cucumber and chicken!) an hour before I wanted to work out in order to give my food time to digest and I don’t feel weighed down by my food. So I made my way upstairs around 2pm to hit the gym. I hadn’t really thought about what I wanted to work on today, but I knew I wanted to at least work up a sweat before beach volleyball tonight. So I started with a pretty boring routine of doing upper body. It looked like this:3 sets of chest press (machine) of 10 reps at 55lbs – note to self to increase weight next time….
3 sets of lat pulldown of 10 reps at 55lbs – again with the increased weight next time…
3 sets of pec dec (machine) 10 reps the first 2 sets and 8 the third at 55lbs
3 sets of dips, 10 reps at 45lbs of help for the first 2 sets, and 55lbs of help for the 3rd.
2 sets of pull-ups with 75lbs of help
At this time, I just wasn’t feeling it. I was feeling tired, and felt like I couldn’t concentrate, so I decided to go on the elliptical machine, because being on an elliptical machine does not require concentration. So I went pretty hard for 20 minutes, worked up a decent sweat and called it a day.
I wasn’t impressed with this workout at all. I didn’t even have my regular protein shake after my workout because I didn’t feel like the workout warranted the protein shake. I prefer having protein after a super intense workout when my whole body is so weak that I shake. After my workout I was just plan old tired. I hate that feeling. On a good note, I plan on sleeping really well tonight with the help of a few magnesium supplements (they help you sleep reeeeeally well, they also keep you “regular” if you know what I mean). Tonight was the first night of my summer beach volleyball 6’s league. I already knew everyone on my team, but it was fun to play 6’s. The set-up on the court is so different. I’m used to playing 4’s, where one person has front, one person has the right side, one person has the back and one person has the left side. With 6’s, basically there’s 3 people in the back and 3 people in the front. I was so used to serving the ball and running in to cover the whole back of the court, that I ran in after my first service tonight and realized “Ha! I don’t need to rush, there’s two other people covering my usual territory!”. It was fantastic. The first team we played were really fun. They only have 3 people so we let them use one of our people instead of faulting them and having them disqualified. The second team, “Big Digs”, didn’t show… small digs if you ask me. The third team we played was “Casual Sets”. If you know me well, you know that I don’t catch on to cleaver puns easily, I’m somewhat “blonde” (no offense to real blonde people here…) when it comes to things like this. So I said Casual Sets and realized the pun. Well, I then put two and two together, and realized the humor in our team name “Safe Sets”. Hilarious… I had no idea this entire time. Casual Sets and Safe Sets playing together never equals good things.I got home to dinner cooking, and I was so, SO grateful. We had delicious fresh salmon with steamed carrots and I had left over sweet potato while C had rice. Also, I had blogged yesterday before attempting this, but I successfully made ice cream out of JUST bananas! Look!

Casual Sets & Safe Sets Never Equal Good Things

My banana ice cream... and my monthly issue of Flare..

I had tried making this once before, but just assumed I knew how to make ice cream out of bananas and put whole bananas, peel on and everything into the freezer. Turns out you can’t peel a frozen banana. Learned that the hard way, and had to throw out my bunch of bananas. I went to intelligent route this time and googled the recipe. Chop bananas up, place them on a plate and freeze for 1-2 hours. Then blend in a magic bullet (or a blender) until it looks like whipped heaven, and you have it! I prefer to have mine frozen a bit more before eating, but you can do whatever you prefer. It was amazing, and I have some more freezing right now!I was reading a blog post today on goal setting, and it was super motivational for me. I tend to make goals, but have no actual plan for achieving them, which is strange because I love to plan. When I was reading the post, I realized how hard I had been trying to pay off my darn credit card and how many times I’ve failed. I’ve got to stop failing and finally just do it! Also, I have some other personal goals that I was thinking about in my car ride home from the beach tonight. What I want out of this blog, what I want out of my current job, how great of a manager I think I could be to the other SSA’s I work with (it’s a long shot, but everyone needs a goal, right? Or as I learned in the blog today it’s a BHAG, a big hairy audacious goal.), different fitness goals I might possibly want to set (besides the regular lose weight gain muscle type goal). I’m going to think about this more before I post anything on here because I don’t want to get myself in deeper than I can handle, but give me a few days and I will let you ALL hold me accountable for my newly revised goals.Here’s a short term goal I will promise you, tomorrow’s workout in the gym will be KILLER and I WILL be shaking after, and I WILL have my protein shake, and then I will go play my last game of spring 4’s beach volleyball for this season, and I WILL have an amazing time playing and I WILL be spiking like a son of a gun. Watch out team whoever you are that we play tomorrow….. I’m coming for you!Stay sweet.

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