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Carving Colours

Posted on the 15 January 2014 by Metal Wind @MetalWind1


Hi Metal fans! I present today on MetalWind an amazing Progressive Metal band from Spain which recently has released its debut album entitled “No Way But Forwards”. I’m talking about Carving Colours a metal band which has a fantastic sound and I think that their debut album is really a Progressive Metal masterpiece highly recommended.

Carving Colours was born in Sevilla in summer 2010. In the begining the band was a trio with Juan Pablo López and Juan Antonio Barranco on guitars and Luisma Terán on drums. A few months later, Julio Antequera (bassist) enter on the band as a new member and they start their way in the metal world.

In the early 2011 Luisma left the band and enter a new member, Luis Ruiz, when the band was preparing their first EP entitled “An Essay On Violence”. Alex Losa enter on the band in September as vocalist and these guys start to play in several concerts.

At the same time they continue with composition of new songs, and their EP soon becomes a full length album that will be entitled “No Way But Forwards”. And there are new changes in the band’s line-up, Juan Antonio (guitarist) left the band and the keyboardist Arturo Prada becomes new member.

After that Alejandro Romo replaces Alex Losa on vocals and Álvaro Quílez appears as new guitarist of the band. Finally “No Way But Forwards” album takes its final form being released on October 29th 2013.


Ok guys, despite the changes in the line-up, these guys have done honor to the title of the album, and we are in front of a band that knows what it wants and that has achieved an impressive album with a great compositional level. In my opinion, these guys have a great technique and they achieve a stunning sound.

“No Way But Forwards” album is a great debut album, and I personally think it’s a Progressive Metal masterpiece in terms of composition, songs, sound and production. It’s really fantastic!

It’s a concept album with an amazing instrumentation in which we can find in general long songs, but intense and very well developed songs, with an impeccable structure and taking care of every detail, even in the presentation of the digipack artwork.

Songs like “Martyr” with its Progressive Metal sounds and Melodic Death Metal touches, with powerful and agressive voices, is a fantastic track highly recommended. “It Had To Be Done” is another intense, melodic and fantastic track with an atmospheric sound and great guitars, or “Isolated Incidents”, my favorite song, with a suggestive intro, impeccable changes of pace and a great melody, is another amazing song. This is just a small sample of what you’ll find in this great album. You can watch a video by clicking the following link.

CARVING COLOURS – Isolated Incidents (VIDEO)
by MetalWind

Definively we are front a great metal band and I recommend you to listen this debut album which you shouldn’t miss. “No Way But Forwards” is the best presentation that these guys could have done, and I congratulate them on this great debut album.

Ok metalheads, discover Carving Colours, enjoy their music and leave your comments!

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