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CAREFREE ACTI-FRESH Liners Oxygen + Tea Tree

By Melmeko @melmeko

Hello again peeps,  :-h  I’m just publishing long overdue reviews atm, which these days is happening only when I get the time,  :-S  so forgive me for a sudden influx followed by a spell and so forth.  ;;)  The following review is a trial team product sent out to me by Beauty Heaven so I could check it out and then share my opinion with you all.  :)
CAREFREE ACTI-FRESH Liners Oxygen + Tea TreeLiving in the tropics perspiration and body odour is always a problem,  :">  so I like to use panty liners to keep me dry and fresh, whilst ensuring additional protection for the unexpected.  :">  Carefree Acti-Fresh Liners in Oxygen and Tea Tree are ultra thin but super absorbent against wetness and provide a special odour control system that safe-guards for up to 8 hours allowing me to go about my day to day activities with confidence and security.  ;)
CAREFREE ACTI-FRESH Liners Oxygen + Tea TreePackaged in individual cute floral easy to open wrappers, theses liners are discrete and ideal for popping in the purse or handbag when I’m on the go.  The liner features a very adhesive backing and once it’s in place you can be sure it will not budge, so there is no concern about it moving or going astray, even when engaging in vigorous exercise.  The lightweight, breathable material of the liner is soft, flexible and non-restrictive to wear, unlike the old bulky ‘surfboard’ style pads of the past, yet still more absorbent than other liners I’ve tried.  Basically, they are so comfortable; I can’t even notice they are there!  =D>  The Tea Tree version smells crisp and refreshing, whereas the Oxygen has a subtle baby powder fragrance, both of which effectively keep any odours at bay.  \:D/
These Carefree Acti-Fresh Liners are my ‘go-to’ daily feminine hygiene product of choice.  The barely there liner allows me to stay clean, fresh and dry everyday, particularly in the hot summer months.  I would absolutely recommend Carefree Acti-Fresh Liners to all females any age, shape or size; if you lead an active lifestyle, these liners guarantee reassurance and reliability for extra peace of mind 24/7!  <:-P
Have you ever used panty liners?  :-/  Do you wear liners for the days in between your periods or on a day to day basis just to keep fresh and protect your undies??  :-?  If so you seriously must try the scented ones, these have taken feminine hygiene products to a whole new level! 
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