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Cancer 2013 Ingress Chart for the United States – Will Obama Be Challenged by Impeachment?

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


We are coming around to the next cardinal ingress point in just over a week’s time the the Sun reaches 0 degrees Cancer. For that point Astrologers can cast a chart for any point on earth and catch the general mood for the next three months and if that place is an administrative center for a country, you can see what is in store for the nation involved. Looking at the US Cancer ingress chart a fascinating picture appears.


Now with ingress chart, the key to major events taking place in the future is to look at the angles and to see what is happening there, especially if any planets sit right on them. This chart several main structures on it. Two grand water trines and a very interesting t-square as well as the square from Uranus to Pluto.

The first trine to look at is the Pisces Ascendant trine to Mercury Venus in 5th to the Moon in the 8th making the grand trine. Here we have the Moon representing the people of the nation sitting in the house of money owed and national debt so the people will still be focused on these things, and with Venus the planet of money and Mercury the planet of the press in the 5th house of speculation one can assume that the focus will be on cash seeming frittered away by government and the debt continuing to rise. This grand trine also could see an interest in celebrities in the media (highlighted by the 5th house) and sex scandals (highlighted by the 8th).

Right I move on to the second grand water trine and seemingly a more powerful one with some outer planets involved. Here we see Jupiter the Sun and Black Moon Lilith closely conjunct at the IC, the cusp of the 4th house  and Jupiter is sitting almost exactly on it. This triple conjunction connects to Saturn in the 7th and Neptune in the 12th. This triple conjunction also makes a t-square with the Midheaven and the Ascendant. One just has to focus on the three bodies at the bottom of this chart. The Sun represents the leader, Barack Obama and Jupiter can represent the law and legal proceedings, potentially connected to international events. Black Moon Lilith in the mix here is like throwing a hand grenade into the whole situation, some sort of scandal will surely emerge that may take a victim. Being on the IC in the 4th house of the opposition (the Republicans) and opposing the MC, the public face of the nation is this the sign of an impeachment attempt on the president himself? With this picture and the closeness of the connections, I feel that it is within the realms of possibility.

Expanding out this point, we see a trine to harsh Saturn in the 7th house of the law courts and a trine to Neptune in the 12th, of undisclosed government issues hidden behind closed doors. There are a lot of smoke and mirrors going on here and Neptune is strong as it rules this chart. Will legal hearings over hidden elements of the government policies go on? Might they be about deception on a huge scale? The implication of these connections activated by the grand water trine here could be enormous. On a related note, there might also be connections to law and health services, prisons and other government institutions and a focus on these things in the next 3 months. One also might expect the US film industry to do very well internationally and creatively out of this grand water trine, natural gas production as well as farming and crop production in the US may thrive or suffer greatly too. This is hard to say as Jupiter expands here but Saturn limits and Neptune can either bring copious amounts of rain or huge suffering through drought or floods.

Moving on to Mars in the 3rd house quindecile to the Midheaven and the Moon, there may be a focus on the car and transportation companies by the administration and the general population as well as the military and armed forces too. With Mars sextile to Uranus, might technology in these areas be important as well? Wild fires could well cause devastation again to people and properties, forcing the government to action states of emergencies, the Uranus Mars connection says these and other disasters may spring up without notice?

Finally I look at the Uranus Pluto square, connecting the Uranus in 1st house of the nation to Pluto in the 10th house of the administration. This seems to me to to echo the major grand water trine and the t-square on the US Cancer ingress chart, namely that there could be a power battle at the top of government in the US, with certainly a part of the population (the Republicans) wanting change and revolt through whatever means the can get it. Looks like it is gonna be an interesting summer in Washington DC. 

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