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Can You Identify This Plant - is This Lily of the Valley?

By Angela @daisyangel1
I have some plants that I am unable to identify. They have been growing in the garden for a few years now, and for the life of me I can not remember if they were already here when I first moved house, or more frighteningly I planted them. Either way I do not know their identity. 

Is this plant Lily of the Valley

What am I?

I was hoping they were Lily of the Valley but looking at the leaves closer I think they are too large and glossy.  They have never flowered, and are in a location that at this time of the year gets little sun and is rather shady due to a holly hedge. You can judge their size as they are next to a Hellebore, Rose and an Erysimum.  I think it likely that they do not like the location, if I can establish their identity I can move them to a more suitable spot. Hopefully they may then flower. 

What is this plant?

A plant with no name

Helping identifying a plant

My friend is a Hellebore

I am quite sure someone is reading this and immediately knows its identity, and is wondering if I know anything about gardening at all! I welcome any ideas you may have to help solve my gardening mystery.

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