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Can U Become a Tattoo Artist?

By Urtatu @urtatu
can u become a tattoo artist Can U Become a Tattoo Artist?

can u become a tattoo artist

Depending on how it’s asked, this question probably receives the most amounts of flames when posted to bulletin boards and forums. The general consensus is that there is only “one way” to do it, and that is to apprentice, period. There is far more to be learned about the art and business of tattooing than what can be obtained simply from a manual (e.g. customer service, etiquette, running a business, dealing with emergencies).

Art of Tattooing for Newbies Can U Become a Tattoo Artist?

Art of Tattooing for Newbies

Ever seen Karate Kid where the boy learns his skills through mundane, seemingly unrelated things like waxing a car? Spending eight months to a year under a well-established artist’s wings can help you to really learn what’s involved in being a professional tattooist, as well as in how to run your own small business. Just as you would never consider becoming a professional masseuse or an acupuncturist without proper training, neither should you try to become a professional tattooist without the proper training.

Unfortunately, many people consider “proper training” to mean “good at drawing and used a tattoo machine.” If you are a good illustrator, it simply means you might have a better chance at finding an artist willing to be your mentor.

The Wrath of Tattoo Artist Can U Become a Tattoo Artist?

The Wrath of Tattoo Artist

The hardest part of becoming an apprentice is in finding an artist who will take you seriously and let you work in the shop. Having a portfolio of illustrations will certainly help. You will also end up knocking on a lot of doors. Not every artist will want to have an apprentice, since that means extra work for them. To prove your commitment, you may be asked to put time in without any monetary compensation at all for a while. And for many months, all you will do might be answering the phone and mopping the floor. But remember that that is all part of your training! Wax in, wax out! Expect to devote at least two to three years to this form of training.

Work Hard on Tattoos Can U Become a Tattoo Artist?

Work Hard on Tattoos

Lastly, think very carefully about your consequences should you decide not to go with the apprentice route:

• You may have difficulty becoming an established artist.

• You may have difficulty finding people you can work on.

• You may end up with a bad reputation for bad work.

• You may not learn how to run a business, and end up having to declare bankruptcy.

Be happy you’re not trying to become a master sushi chef: They take 12 YEARS to attain (and it takes five years just to get the privilege of cooking the rice).

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