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Can Low Carb Help Solve Climate Change?

By Dietdoctor @DietDoctor1
Can Low Carb Help Solve Climate Change?

Consumption of meat is often called a contributor to climate change. And it's a fair argument, given that industrial-styled agriculture does release methane and carbon dioxide (even if this - unlike the burning of fossil fuels - is part of a carbon cycle and leaves the atmosphere within a decade or so).

But does this mean that low-carb diets are inherently bad for the environment? Or could it instead be a part of the solution?

Professor Grant Schofield and George Henderson just published a post, mentioning some mitigating factors of low carb that seldom are taken into account when people are debating food and climate, like these:

  1. Low carb is not a high-protein diet, and so does not require eating more meat in the first place.
  2. Low carb is an appetite-controlling diet which often leads to eating less. And eating less leads to less food production and thus fewer emissions.
  3. Eating saturated fats from animals could shift our dependency from the environmentally-deleterious palm oil.
  4. Low carb can even be eaten as a vegetarian, if one should desire to.

Check out the full post, it might well change your view on diet and climate:

The Science of Human Potential: Defending LCHF in the Climate Change Debate
Can Low Carb Help Solve Climate Change?
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Can Low Carb Help Solve Climate Change?
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