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Can Astrology Help Predict the U.S. Presidential Election Results?

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


We've got a few interesting connections happening now and in the next day or two which in my eyes are pointers to the prevailing mood especially in the US where the population are making their minds up for a new President. Now a majority will know which way they are going to vote, but what about the undecided ones. Which way will the stars push them and their mood? I look at the fixed star connection between today Sunday 4th and Tuesday 6th November, the time when those undecided people will have to make up their minds.

Firstly, we have the Sun on the stars Alphecca and Acrux and these conjunctions show how difficult it is to unseat an incumbent President.

Sun conjunct Alphecca (the star in Corona Borealis - the Crown). This is a crown which has thorns and this conjunction tells people that advancement can be made, but only associated with a price attached. Any change is going to come with major consequences and there is devil in the details hidden behind the supposed beauty that lays in front of you.

Sun conjunct Acrux (the star in Crux, the constellation of the Southern Cross) is linked the physical world and to established thinking and regimes. Here is an obvious link to favouring the one with the power already, a connection to establishment thinking and the man already in power.

Because the Sun always hits these two stars at the time of an American election, the cards are held in the president's hand. Now, what other influences do we have?

Tomorrow, Venus conjuncts with the star Diadem which sits in the constellation of Coma Berenices. This is important as Venus is a social influence on us all. Quite appropriately, Diadem is also seen as a Crown, a woman's head-dress or tiara and this star is linked to feminine strength. Brady says this is also a link to the ordinary people, those who slave away for years in the background. I have one question, will the women that this connection highlights cast the ultimate judgment on who will win on Tuesday? If so, then Obama has to have an edge with this conjunction, especially as he garners his support mainly from women plus the middle and lower class voters of America.

On the 6th Venus goes on to conjunct with Vindemiatrix, the star in Virgo which is known as the grape picker. When one goes out grape picking, you have to sort out the good ones from the bad ones, the ripe from the not so ripe and this division can be extended in social terms as Venus comes calling. American society will be divided on Tuesday via class lines, probably more now than at any previous election in recent history, the haves versus the have nots.

The last connection for Tuesday (election day) is Mars making a conjunction with Ras Alhague, the main star in the constellation of Ophiuchus the serpent holder. This is the sign of the healer, the teacher or the one who is wounded. Mars arriving in this part of the sky can show that a lot of the anger and heat created by the ferocity of this election can be healed and soothed now through direct action, by casting ballots.

I have said on my blog months ago that Obama will just win this one, and the stars over the next two to three days tend to back up my feelings even more. Note that I am English and I do not have a vote, and I have been looking at this election from across the pond in a totally objective manner.

What do you think will happen come Tuesday 6th November??

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