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By Lilmumma08 @mummy2to0h
As everyone that knows me would know by now I love animals and I support every single brand that is animal friendly and hasnt been tested on animals. I live on a farm and yup you might say I am that crazy country galwhos best friends are animals- cause it is totally true!
So a brand I want to bring to light is BYS..
BYS is a beautiful beauty brand that recently officially became PETA APPROVED and is dedicated to the fair and ethical treatment of those furry fuzzy friends we all love to love.
If youre anything like me in high school you owned some sort of BYS product and I know I had a killer BYS nail polish collection going on! BYS x PETA
And now I am older I always screwed my face up when even thinking about using BYS on my now, a lot older face. I just remember it being a kiddy brand in which you brought products to have a play around and experiment. And ever since high school I never really heard about the brand again.
Well wasnt I shocked when I was invited to the official launch party of PETA APRROVING BYS products? Everything had changed and they were in an incredible league of their own with their affordability and just pure quality. Some of the products I got to play with were almost if not exact dupes of much higher end brands, I was astounded!
I had no idea BYS was such a big brand and is actually available in 25+ countries!!! Holy moly! And in some countries it is so big that it has stand-alone stores like M.A.C has for us.
Now, how could I make a post and not sure with you my Top 3 Faves from BYS (mainly all newbies but totally worth flashing the cash for.. and then stocking up in case there’s a zombie apocalypse… cause a girls gutta stay looking beautiful during dreadful times) haha. No but in all seriousness these three products are divine!
Best part about these to? They work for me, but if they don’t work for you, you didn’t break the bank buying them.
Number 1 – Nude Exposed $29.95BYS x PETA
This awesome palette feature 24 expertly chosen matte and shimmery eyeshadows that can be used both casually and formally. BYS x PETA

I love this palette and it will be coming with me next year when I will be traveling a whole bunch.

Number 2- Essentials Contour, Brow and Eyeshadow $19.95

I love, love, love this palette and it has got to be one of my all time faves at the moment. I’m head over heels with the fact almost my whole face is covered in one palette creating a heck load more space in my beauty case.

This palette includes 2 brow powders in different shades, a brow wax to keep those caterpillars in place, 4 contouring and highlighting powers and 9 matte and shimmer eyeshadows to finish it off- doesn’t get much better then that really.. does it?
Number 3- Highlighting Trio Palette $7.95

I’m not even going to lie here, this highlighter (well the really gold one on the far right has got to be my all time favorite highlighter, EVER! It is so easy to build in to a popping cheekbone and reflect those rays, but also easy to use sparingly for a subtle glow.
You actually need to see these pigments for yourself, I tried swatching but guys, I promise I wouldn’t have done the product any justice putting them up.
Ok.. so I lied, I couldn’t just stop at 3 and needed to do a cheeky and sneak this little beauty in there, cause it is worth a mention that’s for sure.
Wildcard- HD Setting Spray $9.95

This magic spray keeps my makeup in place all day long, and night long if I wanted it to. I did a naughty one night last week and went to sleep with my makeup on.. woke up like I was ready for a big morning out, everything was perfectly in place- bar the dribble on my cheek haha.
I will be taking this miracle spray to Bali to realllllly test out just how well it can make my makeup stay :P
* DISCLAIMER AKA boring stuff..I was sent these products but have not been paid by the brand or any agency for this review. All opinions are my own and are completely honest- no sugar coating here lovlies J

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