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By Davidduff

Not just one but two reports now in from my intrepid 'Arkie' correspondent, 'JK'.  I don't quite understand why there is always such a long interval between these reports although he does tell me that it is necessary for him to go 'up country' at regular intervals in order to debrief his source - codename: Barney - yeeeees quite!  Anyway, this time he has come up with a fascinating article on Rep. Tom Cotton (R), the subject of my previous post.  And yes, I do realize that I am taking what might be called an unhealthy interest in this young man but the more I read about him the more intrigued I become.

The article, from The Atlantic, is written by Ms. Molly Ball.  I'm not quite sure that Ms. Ball approves of Rep. Cotton but, excellent reporter that she is, she maintains strict neutrality and provides friends and foes alike with equal space.  The first thing that comes across from her piece is that Rep. Cotton is an exceedingly well-read and qualified intellectual (in the best sense of that word) which, alas, may not prove to be an advantage in his political career.  By and large, people are not too keen on intellectual politicians - ask John Redwood MP!  Also, he suffers with yet another potential fault line in any politician, he appears to be a man of principle.  For example, being a strict fiscal conservative he voted against various measures which included some tasty pork-barrels for the State of Arkansas.  That sort of thing does not go down well with your average Neanderthal voter who simply cannot grasp the simple truth that there is no such thing as a free lunch, particularly one provided by government!

Also, it appears from Ms. Ball's piece that Rep. Cotton is not exactly voter-friendly.  Well, he tries his best but the fact is that he's an 'ideas man' rather than a grinning, hand-shaking, spieling, lying liar which means, of course, that his chances of election as a Senator are tight, but at least, and for what it's worth, he goes even higher in my estimation.  That, too, is not good news for him, so keep it to yourselves, because my support for various American politicians is commony referred to as the kiss of death.

Even so, if, and it's a big if, he can snitch the position from his lacklustre Democrat opponent, then with a bit of luck and a following wind he just might go to the very, very top.  'I should live so long, my  life, already', as my Jewish accountant is wont to say!


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