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“Butter Better Than Vegetable Oils”

By Dietdoctor @DietDoctor1


Norway’s biggest newspaper writes that the new Nordic Nutrition Recommendations (NNR) are incorrect about fats. A new review of all studies on the subject shows that butter is most likely better for the heart than the Omega-6-rich vegetable oils that are recommended:

VG: Danish researchers: – Butter is not more harmful than vegetable oils (Google translated from Norwegian)

The most interesting part of the article is the comment from the Head of the Division of Nutrition of the Danish National Food Institute, Gitte Gross, who’s been involved in coming up with the fat-phobic Nordic nutritional recommendations:

We know that people eat too much saturated fat. To obtain a better fat ratio you should choose a lot of vegetable oils. The dietary recommendations should be as straight-forward as possible, so that people can understand them and implement them in their daily life, Gross says.

She is annoyed by the conflicting messages on nutrition and health that keep coming up in the media.

People get confused when nutritional experts come forward in the media with messages that go against official guidelines. When this happens people will think the advice isn’t good, she says.

Time for an update

How can Gross continue to know that vegetable oils are always better than saturated fats, when a new review of all high-quality science shows the opposite?

Is it really the most important thing that the advice is simple and that people believe it? Isn’t it more important that the advice is good for health?

Doesn’t it bother Gross when major new studies show that the dietary advice she is involved in issuing is making heart disease worse? Should the media silence such details?

No, Gross, welcome to the 21st century. You can no longer cover up hazardous mistakes that affect millions of people. Admit the mistakes and correct them.


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