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Business Tips for Working in Brazil

Posted on the 27 November 2012 by Angelicolaw @AngelicoLaw

With the growing number of work visas being issued in Brazil, and the increase and interest by foreign expats in living and working in Brazil, there comes a growing need for both business and legal guidance.

The primary language spoken in Brazil is Portuguese. The citizens are an ethnically diverse group of warm-hearted people, with a history and culture different than most other countries in Latin America.

As a foreigner working in Brazil, venturing out to enjoy Brazil’s night life should be a requirement. Besides the fine cuisine offered in many restaurants, you’ll find a rich culture filled with music and tradition. You should make an effort to join the locals at the dance parties held several nights a week. Try the slower “forro” country music and dance, or jump in and try the “samba”. The people of Brazil love music and embrace life with warmth and passion. Relaxing and becoming a part of the night life, you will find yourself amongst friends quickly.

Brazilian business people appreciate respect and consideration from those they do business with. Brazilian distributors want your business as much as you want theirs. Honesty and respect will go a long way. Ethical and moral business practices are the norm in Brazil. Agents working for distributors should be treated in the same manner as you would treat the distributor. And you can expect to receive respect and honesty in return.

It is customary to shake hands and look into their eyes when you greet a man for business purposes. If a woman would like to shake hands, it is customary for her to initiate the handshake. It some situations, it may be appropriate to kiss a woman you are meeting either on one cheek or both cheeks (depending on the region in Brazil). If you learn a few words in Portuguese your efforts are sure to be rewarded.

Should you need an interpreter or an attorney to negotiate the legalities of transactions, consider hiring a Brazilian firm to assist you. Your business associates in Brazil will expect this. When they go to United States, for example, they will use a local firm there too. Hiring one of their people will gain their confidence and will show you have nothing to hide.

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