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Burn Fat Fast with a Kettlebell Workout

By Roserighter @roserighter
Burn Fat Fast with a Kettlebell Workout
I forgot just how tough kettlebell workouts are. It had been a while since I’ve trained with a kettlebell, but I quickly remembered why I love and hat them at the same time. They are tough, but very effective. Kettlebells provide a total body workout, really focusing on your hamstrings, glutes and shoulders. Depending on the type of swing you do, they really can work the whole body though.Don't think of them as just something bodybuilders use. Everyday people are using kettlebells to pump up their workouts. These heavy balls offer functional training that helps burn body fat fast.
What are Kettlebells?
Kettlebells are heavy iron balls with a hook style handle on top. They are an alternative to dumbbells. Discovered by Russians, athletes and weightlifters have used them to train with for years, a s way to build strength and burn more fat. They provider a natural range of motion, which works to improve flexibility, increase aerobic conditioning and help you develop strength.
Using Kettlebells
Kettlebells can be used alone or as a pair. They can be replace traditional dumbbell moves or bar workouts. The complexity of the movement yields better weight loss and fat burning results. Some kettlebell exercises include shoulder presses, swings, deadlifts, rows and squats. The best part about kettlebells is they allow for full body movements. It takes several body parts working together to perform these exercises, which makes them a powerful weight loss tool.
Lose Weight Using Kettlebells
Rather than spot training the biceps or the triceps, kettlebells combine different body parts in each exercise to provide a full body workout. They allow users to get stronger without bulking up. They also burn fat fast because they improve aerobic conditioning. They proved the best cardio workout, better than running or using an elliptical machine, because they get the heart rate up fast. The real benefit is the added strength training element that isn't present in other cardio exercises.
Getting Started with Kettlebells
Most gyms carry a set of kettlebells these days. They can be somewhat expensive to buy and are often sold by the pound, but you won't get a solid workout or reap the benefits by using a 10 pound kettlebell. I have trained with a 35-pound and a 56-pound kettlebell, depending on the movements. I can use the higher weight for the swings, but use the lighter one for the shoulder presses. Kettlebells alone are enough to provide a solid workout with both cardio and resistance training. Choose a kettlebell weight that is doable, yet challenging to maximize the fat loss benefits.
Combining kettlebell movements with other compound movements can give you one heck of a workout. One routine I use is squats, followed by kettlebells swings and overheads presses. While I am used to training with heavy weight and squat and deadlift every week, this workout was really a challenge for me.

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