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Bupa Great Manchester 10k Run

By Prettyandtasty1 @prettyandtasty

Within the first few days of the new year, I decided I wanted to challenge myself by entering the Manchester 10k run which was held on 26th May 2013.
The Manchester 10k Run is the nation’s favorite running event, the Bupa Great Manchester Run, has seen over a quarter of a million enthusiastic runners pound the streets of Manchester since its first staging in 2003. The run is open to anyone of all ages and running abilities, from fast runners to fast walkers. The was the one thing that I found inspirational about this run as it involved a huge number of people raising money for charity or wanting to achieve something for the first time. (More info here
Personally, I am not a born runner and I’m known to be quite unfit so I was more then determined to challenge myself to complete the 10k run by a combination of jogging and walking. I decided to set this as a personal achievement as I want to have a fitter and healthier lifestyle as most of the time I feel quite sluggish and lazy.
So how did I do it? I’ve always had a membership at a gym but never really set myself any goals or stuck to a proper schedule. Throughout 2013 I went to the gym 3-4 times to train for an hour or more (sometimes), usually on the treadmill, bike and rowing machine for cardio and specific leg and arm weights to tone up. On sunny days, I went outdoor running to get used to the ground as its different from running on a treadmill.
On the day, I was really nervous! I kept thinking I wasn’t going to make the finish line especially as I was in the last wave to go! I was in the pink wave as I was expecting to finish the run in 1hour 30mins (Technically the beginner wave). The wave was packed of charity runners, some dressed up in amazing costumes like super heroes, a clown, a gorilla and so forth.
After running the first few km, I could say I was tired but the motivation from all the other runners around and the cheer from the supporters really does encourage you to keep on running! There was something every few km to cheer you on to keep you going like live bands, water stations, jelly babies and a walk through shower (my favorite part).
1hour 18minutes later, I completed my first ever 10k! and I am definitely planning to get involved with more running events as I feel fitter than I’ve ever felt :). To complete my first 10k ever in a decent time, I am more than happy! On completing the run, all runners got a goody bag consisting of a medal (Yay! My first ever medal :D ) A t-shirt (they only had a large left :( its way too big so I just use it to sleep in) and some healthy snacks.
Bupa Great Manchester 10k Run
Bupa Great Manchester 10k Run
Bupa Great Manchester 10k Run
Tips that got me through:Training is essential! and stretches before.Have a running partner or link up with someone on the day as this would encourage you to keep going. Have a banana before the run as the potassium will definitely keep you stimulated.Drink plenty of fluids.Run at your own pace (Ignore the other runners)Take your iPod! (My must have)Control your breathing (Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth)
If you are a first time runner, do not set yourself a time goal as this may ruin your experience on the day and you may encounter things you usually don’t on training. At the end of the day you are running with a herd of people, so it’s really hard to run at a quick pace on the day.
If you have any tips for me, please share! Or have you got any fitness goals this year??
Clarissa x

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