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Buffalo Chicken Rolls

By Cookingfromasahm
Buffalo Chicken Rolls
Last night I was making Buffalo Chicken Won Ton Cups, and decided that I wanted to try something new. I admit I love Totinos Pizza Rolls, and wanted to make a homemade version. So I created this super easy recipe :-) You can use buffalo chicken or you can use shredded bbq chicken. 
Package of Won Ton WrappersWater for sealingShredded Buffalo Chicken(I bake and shred chicken and add buffalo wing sauce)
Oil for frying
Take a won ton wrapper and around the edges put water, this will use as a sealer. Now take a a little bit of buffalo chicken in the middle. Now, take the sides and fold them over, and then fold the other sides over so it seals, and makes a roll of sorts. Add more water for sealing if need be. Now fill a pan with oil, and heat till hot. Next put in the rolls, and let them get golden on each side. Don't walk away from it because it will get over done.  Now take out and put on a paper towel. 
We dipped these in ranch but you can use whatever dipping sauce you like.

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