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Bryan Ferry – Roxy Music Frontman Suddenly Taken Ill

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


Bryan Ferry, lead singer of Roxy Music and 70’s pop icon who had success with such hits as Love is the drug and Avalon, has suddenly been taken ill and admitted to hospital with a mystery illness which meant he had to pull out of a Tuesday night performance in London. This could jeopardize a forthcoming 3 month European tour that he was about to undertake this summer.

Bryan was born in the North East of England in Washington, County Durham on 26th Sept 1945 at 11.30am. He has a sociable Libran Sun with a restless Gemini Moon and deep intense Scorpio Ascendant. Taking a quick view of his chart, the first thing I notice is a lucky Sun Jupiter Neptune Mercury conjunction in the 10th house of career square Mars and trine the Moon. Jupiter trine Moon also makes a mini grand trine with Pluto at the point. The stellium in the 10th house speaks of successful (Jupiter) creative (Neptune) communication (Mercury) to the public (in Libra), in this case musical. Seeing that Bryan is still pushing himself to do sell out tours at age 65 is testament to that square between Mars and Neptune, Jupiter and Sun which gives him the energy to keep on performing for his fans. He literally will love what he is doing, Mars Jupiter is an aspect where one never feels satisfied, always wanting to improve and do your best and Mars Neptune shows pure charisma. . Sun Neptune Mars is very artistic and not only has turned his had to music but also art and fashion. Bryan is a smart guy, with Uranus in Gemini and Aquarius intercepted in the 3rd house, he has a very inquisitive mind and he would have excelled at school, which he did studying art (Venus in 9th house of education). 

BryanFerry natal

Known for his slick style and black suits, this is very much a signature of his ascendant sign, as is the name of his hit “Jealous Guy”, which is very Scorpio indeed. The Moon in the 7th house in changeable, unemotional Gemini squares to Venus in the 9th house and there is a sextile to Pluto also in the ninth. Through this one would know that Bryan’s emotional life would be very complicated and that he would have a fascination to foreign women. Bryan had many relationships in his life, he went out with Jerry Hall before she left him for Mick Jagger, he married having 4 children then divorced, went out with a women 35 years his junior etc. etc. I think one of the reasons that Bryan has had turmoil in his relationships is that Saturn in Cancer fears emotional closeness and reliance on others, so he tends to keep his distance. With Saturn tenanted in the 8th house, Bryan also would be careful to keep his finances separate from other people and would be fearful of change and the unknown and things he could not control.

BryanFerry transits

Now looking at the transits chart and the reasons for Bryan’s sudden illness, we can see that his chart, especially the 4 planet stellium in the 10th house is under severe stress. The conjunction is receiving oppositions from Uranus and Mars  (a shock to the system) and a square to transiting Pluto; Pluto square Sun always means a change in your life is necessary. Pluto also trines his Midheaven and opposes his natal Mars. The mystery illness is shown by the ruler of the 6th house (Taurus) represented by Venus being opposed by Neptune (clouding the issue). Neptune is now in Pisces and Venus is in Virgo which is always a health axis on a chart. I suspect the shock nature of Uranus Mars opposing the Sun could be a heart condition of some type, the Sun has always traditionally ruled the heart. Certainly the planets will be telling Bryan to slow down a bit.

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