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Brown Or Blonde?

By Sarahohm @sarahohm
Good evening Beautiful,Tomorrow is Thursday. You know what that means? The next day is Friday! The weekend! This weekend is going to be great because I get to see my whole family! Ever since moving to Toronto I haven’t seen my family as much so I always look forward to spending time with them – they are the best! Not only do I get to see my immediate family, I get to see all of my aunts, uncles, cousins and my Grandpa! It’s my family reunion that we have annually and it’s also my Grandfather’s 85th birthday! I can’t wait to see him; I love him and my Grandma so much. I was always very close with them growing up, again, another reason why I look forward to seeing them!I haven’t blogged in a couple days, I feel like I have so much to catch up on, but in all honesty, I don’t have a lot to catch up on! I mean, I work a 9-5 job so what happens outside of those hours really isn’t THAT exciting. First off, this week is creeping by very slowly for me… Thank god for my workouts or I’d be dying. I played volleyball last night… and, well, it was interesting. There’s something to be said for spending the night on the beach playing beach volleyball, in 1 of 85 courts, with the sun shining on me, walking through the warm sand, around tons of other volleyball enthusiasts, playing with people I thoroughly enjoy being around. Saying that, I played like absolute crap last night. Like, I couldn’t do a single thing right except serve the ball across the net and more times than not, have it land on the other side of the court, which is where I make up the points that I lose. When I would bump the ball it’d fly off the side of my arm. I’d volley off of a service ball, which counts as a fault in beach volleyball. The ball would fall right in front of me when I would attempt a block, and my spikes resulted in floppy hands and therefore fell in our side. It didn’t help that my shin was really hurting and I couldn’t run quickly. Every Tuesday night, we play 3 teams twice for a total of 6 games. This week, and literally every week with the exception of the first, we’ve won 1 game and lost/tied the other 5. I’m no longer talking about this because it makes me so frustrated. The end.Just kidding…Lately I’ve been not-so-strict with my diet and basically I’m sucking. I’ve cheated a lot lately for no good reason except for the fact that I have no self-control. It’s awful because I know I can do so much better than I have. Today for example, I know that I should be eating every 3-4 hours in order to keep my metabolism going full force. I could barely force myself to finish my lunch at 2pm (I didn’t feel hungry until then) and I ate at that time because I knew I was working out at 3pm. Unfortunately for me and my metabolism, I couldn’t do it. I just did not have an appetite. I have no idea why…. But I proceeded into my workout feeling totally fine and ready to go! I worked out with my friend today, and we focused mostly on chest with a little bit of back. It went a little something like this:4 sets of bench press/push-ups
- first set was a warm up so I just benched the bar for 15 reps
- 10 push-ups with my toes on a stability ball. These were very hard for me and I was quite tired by the end of this.
- second set was with 10lbs weights on each end for 12 reps (with a struggle at the end) Side note – I’m tall and have very long arms and I’ve had a struggle gaining strength in upper body my whole life… apparently it’s harder for tall people to gain strength and muscle, wicked.
- 15 push-ups against the wall. Yes, against the wall. Usually I can do 10 full push-ups from my toes but my arms were already wobbly I couldn’t even do 10 from my knees.
- third set was with 5lbs on each side (my arms are toast by now) for 10 reps
- 15 push-ups against the wall
- fourth set was 5lbs on each side for 10 reps
- 15 push-ups against the wall
4 sets of Hammer Strength Incline Press with 20 lbs on each arm for 12 reps each set
4 sets of chest fly with the cable machine with 7.5 lbs on each side for the first 2 sets, and 5 lbs dumbbells for the last two sets.
4 sets of seated row with an overhand grip so I could work my posterior deltoids (the back of my shoulder) using 45 lbs plus the lat pulldown bar.
3 sets of lat pulldown (I was running out of time!) at 45lbs for 12 reps
I know that when you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking to yourself what a boring workout this is. And I agree. It wasn’t one of the most “fun” workouts that I’ve ever had but there are a couple of reasons for this.
  1. My friend is actually a trainer at our gym, and I don’t want people thinking he’s “training” me because he’s not. We’re friends and we’re working out together. I do learn from him, but that’s to be expected since exercise is his job. Does he track my progress and keep my ultimate goals in mind when working out with me? Absolutely not.
  2. We were going to do an intense boot camp workout together (probably one of the top 3 hardest workouts I’ve ever done) but my calves are sore (still) from skipping, and my shin is sore from having shin splints, and I don’t want to do anything to postpone my recovery.
Speaking of skipping, check this out. My whip marks have literally turned into bruises. Brown or Blonde?This afternoon was my second physio session for my shin splints. He hooks me up to a machine that puts an electric current through my muscle hopefully promoting blood flow therefore healing it more quickly than it would heal itself. The electro-pads look like this:Brown or Blonde?And they don’t feel like anything good. I try to have him set it as high as I can handle it, but still, it’s not all marshmallows and rainbows. It feels literally like I’m being electrocuted in my shin. Not pleasant, but it’s quite necessary.On a random note, tomorrow I’m going back to my blonde self. I’ve had brown hair for a good part of 6 months and I’m ready to be blonde and sassy again! Here’s my blonde vs brown hair… which do you prefer?

Brown or Blonde?


Brown or Blonde?

Me on the right, my friend Amy on the left. This is my brown

Thank you for stopping by and checking out this post! It’s bed time for this girl… sweet dreams everyone!Stay sweet.
PS – please let me know if you wish to read more or less of something from me on this blog… I love feedback, and I really do listen! I promise! J

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