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Bridal Coiffure: The Most Popular Styles

By David @Topweddingwall

A bride’s hairstyle is the one factor that will ultimately set off her entire attire. Whether you choose to go for an updo or leave your hair flowing across your shoulders, there certainly isn’t a lack of wedding hairstyles to choose from. Indeed, since wedding magazines are literally brimming with various styles and hair accessories, some brides can even feel overwhelmed by the number of options displayed in front of them.

Bridal hairstyle collage

Choosing the proper wedding hairstyle that matches with your dress will certainly enhance your look, turning you into an even more striking bride. The easiest way to select the perfect bridal coiffure is to go for one that’s in harmony with your dress. Updos are definitely among the most popular styles but, that being said, there are quite a few different types of wedding updos. If you have curly hair, for example, an intricate knot piled on top your head with a few escaping strands will look absolutely divine. Alternatively, you may also go for a half-up, half-down hairstyle and in this case, it’s recommended to go for a flowing lace dress which will bring a romantic aura to your special day.

Bride with intricate updo

The twisted knot is another popular wedding hairstyle which goes fabulously with curly hair. If you have straight hair, however, bear in mind that it’s more difficult to arrange straight strands in an intricate bun without the use of several pins. For a more dramatic effect, don’t hesitate to go for a beaded or diamante pins. These will also bring some added glamour to your outfit, hence making such accessories perfect for the ultra-contemporary bride. If you want to adopt a more Princess-like, romantic look, try to go for flowered pins. In that case, don’t hesitate to opt for multi colored flowers such as pale pink or yellow. A sapphire-incrusted hair comb is also another original way to add your special “something blue” to your outfit. Bear in mind that tiaras are other fabulous accessories that will go beautifully with bridal updos.

Bride with loose hair

Another very popular wedding hairstyle is a straight, loosely flowing arrangement with just a few curls here and there. However, if you do decide to keep your hair straight, it’s important to make sure that your hairstyle doesn’t look like your everyday, ordinary coiffure. Hence, never hesitate to go for combs or even hair glitters that will bring an ultra-special touch to your wedding coiffure.

Hair pins in brides hair

Several brides also choose to go for a French Braid on their wedding day. In this case, you may string some flowers in your hair or enhance your braid with a couple of multicolored studs.
Ladies who are found of the demure, flower-girl look can even don a flower crown or simple flowered headpiece. Such accessories will look twice as amazing if paired with an intricate French braid, glittery diamond studs and a long, flowing veil.

Bride with her hair down and veil

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