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Breaking the Monopoly and Stranglehold of Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon – The Companies Who Hijacked the Internet...

By Solarisastro @solarisastro
Breaking the monopoly and stranglehold of Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon – The companies who hijacked the internet...

This post is going to sound rather hypocritical, then again how on earth do I get the message out. The world has been secretly hijacked and the domination continues day on day - let me explain.

I am an Astrology blogger and writer and to get my message out to the world I naturally have a website. All entrepreneurs, business people, writers and companies these days have to have one to survive and thrive. It is almost a given. We have computers, we advertise via the internet. It's been a free service ever since the inventor Tim Berners Lee invented the world wide web. Now we in the West we totally rely on it. We do shopping on it, get information on it, get our news on it, speak to each other on it, control our homes on it such as our heating and gadgets, receive messages, pay our bills, make appointments, even deal with our governments on it. Governments are reliant on the internet too, we apply for Government benefits and pay our taxes via the internet. The internet can influence elections and how our representatives are elected. The worrying thing is that just 4 companies are starting to totally dominate the internet - Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon. Who has control in this world? Do governments over their people, or do these internet companies control us and the world administrations? One other question - what are these companies going to do now that they have such a hold and firm grip over all of our lives?

I'll give you an example of what I mean by this. My old website got a virus, and as a result, the search engines of Google stopped listing my site. Now I rather rely on people reading my work to gain custom, the internet is very much part of my shop window, and yet if nobody is reading what I am writing, then nobody will be able to order Astrology reports from me. In a desperate attempt to get things moving again, I had to completely relaunch my website. In doing this, yes I was cleaning up a big mess, but it dropped me to Ground Zero in regards to Google. Starting from the bottom of the mountain is an absolute pain in the neck on the internet, and Google makes it damn hard these days for anyone to re-establishment themselves. Notice what I am saying here, Google is controlling my agenda. They control my destiny in their hands, plus they are so secretive that they never let on exactly what exact criteria is needed to get back to the top of that mountain again. It's like trying to climb Mount Everest without the correct climbing gear, protective clothing and a team of Sherpas to carry your stuff - almost impossible.

Breaking the monopoly and stranglehold of Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon – The companies who hijacked the internet...

Without Google to index my website, I have had to resort to using Social Media to get my word out to the world. Who dominates that? Facebook. I have a Facebook page and I post my work on there. I write a daily post about the "Astrology of the Day" and post it on a Facebook page that has over 2000 followers on it. Great, at least some people are going to see my work, I thought. Nope!! My post last night according to Facebook's statistics reached 20 people, only 20 individuals and I have 2000 official followers. Yes just 20 people, even thought I posted the article at 21.00 hrs UK time, just in time for most of America as they packed up work and were likely to go onto their mobile phones, tablets and laptops. You see Facebook controls what posts we see on our Newsfeed. I've heard this story from countless people that their posts don't reach their followers that they have, as Facebook is restricting the direct access. Yes you can go onto your "Pages" tab and check out individually what people are doing, but most people are lazy and have 50 or more pages that they follow, therefore anyone these days with a page are stuck in the backwaters not getting any direct readership. What Facebook want by restricting direct access is trying to get you to pay for advertising. On a mobile phone you have to go through about 4 different menus and edit your preferences just to find the pages you want to view. It's damn crooked, and Facebook knows this, but it's their site, and they again are controlling us.

Now Google through You Tube, Facebook through Facebook Live, Amazon through Amazon Prime and Apple through their technical devices and iTunes platforms are starting to buy up chunks of the media, films, live TV sports etc etc. Amazon is buying up commercial companies and undercutting normal shops and retailers with rock bottom prices. These new talk to the internet devices such as "Amazon Echo" promoted by Amazon are in our homes, giving an easy way to shop online without going to a traditional store, plus they may be listening in to everything we say in our own private spaces. Facebook swallows up any potential rival social media site so that they can control that side of our lives, remember Instagram is a Facebook company these days. All of us somewhere have an Apple product, either and iPhone, iPad or Apple Mac laptop. Talk about Big Brother invading our lives, and we normal people and governments alike around the world are allowing these companies to do this. It's frightening.

I am an Astrologer and there is a little planet called Pluto that rules power, control and big business and in Greek mythology Pluto was known as the Lord of the Underworld. It's an underground, secret, powerful, influence that we don't realise is there on the surface where we live. It is now in the sign of Capricorn, the sign associated with running things, administration and governments. Pluto on entering a sign destroys what is there and replaces it with a new updated version. Pluto entered Capricorn in October 2008 just as the worldwide financial crash occurred. It will exit Capricorn in 2023. In 2008, the internet was still developing, and in just under 10 years we have all become totally reliant on it to such an extent that the American election I believe was decided through social media and the internet. The American President uses it to put out his own message to the world. Is he controlling the agenda, or is the internet controlling him? What on earth will the picture look like in another 5 years time once Pluto has done it's job? How much more control will these internet firms have over us? It's a sobering thought that Facebook probably has more of a hold over our lives than the supposed most powerful man on the Globe.

There is one other really worrying thing that concerns me. Once these internet monopolies control everything, will they force us to pay for access? Will Google start charging for every search? Will Facebook force us to pay for group access? Will Amazon start to raise prices once they have destroyed the competition as we buy everything from them from books to groceries, to tech to media to medicines, to furniture and clothing? Will these companies hold Governments to ransom? Trust me, the money sloshing around in the bank accounts of Facebook and Amazon could already fund the GDP of a medium sized nation.

In this post, posted on Facebook and indexed by Google I know that you will think it is hypocritical of me to writing these things when I am using the very platforms to send out the words that I have written. What I am saying is the these companies have a moral obligation to the citizens of the world to assist us, but not control us. There is a fine line, and I fear greed and the corporate system that is consumed by profit and growth may tip that social obligation that is so needed completely off their agenda.

I am not a revolutionary, I am not against the internet, I'm not against technological change. The internet is an amazing tool , but I fear that the very vehicle that has made this world so much more integrated and introduced so much diversity and knowledge into our lives is starting to implode into itself. It has to develop responsibly and I fear things are getting totally out of hand, and nobody is questioning what is actually going on.

You know, the 7 deadly sins are all ruled in Astrology by that little planet Pluto, and they are being instrumental in us all sleepwalking into a dangerous future, where our lives, and I mean everyone's lives from the street cleaners of Los Angeles to the President in Washington, are being held on a string by Mark Zukerberg of Facebook, Jeff Besoz of Amazon, Tim Cook of Apple and Sundar Pichai of Google. This needs to stop, the people of the world need to sit up and take notice, before our world and the way it is run is changed forever...

If you agree with me, please, please share this post whichever way you can. The world has to sit up and take notice.

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