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Breaking 180 Degree Rule

Posted on the 07 February 2012 by Nandu1985 @vivek_arumanda

Breaking 180 degree rule-Hello friends, from now on i would like to present my articles in a series so that it will be comfortable for the readers to follow every post in a serial manner without missing too many things,hope you all like this decision, in addition to this i am going to post at least one article everyday without fail. So, lets get into the topic now..breaking  180 Degree Rule is the concept now. I have already explained you in previous posts like what is 180 degree rule and what is Screen Direction is…now i will get into deep about where can we break this rule, what will be the consequences to be face if we break this rule etc.,


What Will Happen If You Don’t Know About This Rule

Let us assume that you are an film director, and your cameramen or cinematographer have done some mistake while framing some shot else he have placed the camera on both the sides of the subject..then what will be the result..? If you know the concept and rules to be follow then automatically you can able to rectify the problem there itself..else you have to be part of the mistake and more over you have to take the blame since you are the leader of your crew..If you know the rule and you want to break it then its okay we can call it as an experiment, but without knowing anything if you do some mistake it is not guys please try to go through all the concepts…


180 Degree Rule And Where It Is Used

As i told you before this is a very basic and fundamental rule to be followed by every film maker in order to bring smoothness and continuity in story narration. This rule is useful in:

  1. Cinematography
  2. Story Boarding---(To Narrate Screen Direction)

How It can Be Used In Cinematography

I have already wrote a detailed post how it can be used in cinematography in my previous posts, please go through those..i will give an example with images so that it can be understood clearly…I have already told u in my last posts what will happen if we break 180 degree will result in jump cuts and disorientation..i will narrate it with images..because single image can speak thousand words.

Assume a women is walking with a baby in cradle, camera is first placed on the left of the shown in the image below:



Then the viewer will see like this,as the image shown below:



In the very next shot if u place the camera to the right i.e to the other side of the women, it will be like the image shown below:


Then it will look like this for the viewer,  as shown in the image below:



If u place all the above images side by side,


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Just have a look at the above images, you will know what went wrong..did you get it..? when camera was placed to left on the women it looked like she is walking to left of the screen where as in the very next shot when we changed the camera to her right it looked like she is walking to the right of the screen what exactly is the reverse direction mention in the earlier shot. This is What happens if you break the rule.


When Can We Break The Rule

We can break the rule when you shoot a Reverse Angle Shot, if you don’t know about basic shots and camera moves please follow these posts, Basic Camera Shots And Angles. I will narrate you what is a Reverse Angle Shot,where it can be used and how to break the rule while shooting these kind of scenes etc., in my next post..please tell me your feedback in comments form.

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