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Boy Obsessed, Healthy Or Unhealthy?

By Lolamillierose

 Are boy obsessions healthy?
Normally i dont think this can be answered with a straight yes or no, there are many different ways to be obsessed with something. I am obsessed with Chanel nail polishes, this to me is a healthy obsession as i treat myself to one every now and then and have built up a little collection over a few years. I wouldnt say i have an unhealthy obsession with anything, there have been times where i may have been a bit obsessed with something and its not turned out too well, which you will find out a little bit about this shortly.
Whenever it comes down to boys, being Obsessed isnt really okay, not even in the smallest of ways. If you ever get told by a guy ''your obsessed with me'' then you are doing something wrong. So try and avoid that comment always!!! Being obsessive with boys, especially ones that you arent even in a relationship with can easily be classed as Stalker or having Stalker tendancies.......yet again NOT COOL. So whenever you have an urge to want to know where he is, or hear his voice or even text him multiple times you must restrain youself.
There are different ways to go about dealing with boy obsessions,
  •  Either completely ignore my advice and the obvious and just be an Obsessive/Stalker. If its the real you then why hold back. I shall just warn you, arrests, restraining orders, community service and jail time might be in your near future.
  • If you do still want to drive by his house to see if hes in or watch him whilst hes working (depends on his job) then atleast try and be inconspicuous, go in your mums car (blacked out windows would be brilliant) Just be careful that you arent seen, and if you are caught then make sure you have the best excuse ever.
  • Go cold turkey, this one is very difficult as it cuts off all forms of contact with that person completely. Resite this mantra every morning and night and whenever your mind starts to wander
I must not see himI must not think of himI will not drive by his house relentlessly or park down the road to see if he leavesI will not text or call him He is NOT worth it
  • Be drunk, if you do see him when your out and you happen to say some unfortuante things that you will definitely regret then atleast your under the influence, so blame the booze. Calling his mobile and texting him relentlessly can also be put into this category. Be careful though, this doesnt make it ok for you to do this all the time because then blaming it on the booze becomes VOID, this can only really be used 3times at the most, and must not happen within the same month.
I failed at this miserably a couple of years ago. There was this boy that i really liked, we were friends and used to hang out most weeks having movie nights at my house. Well, i started to like him more and more, you could say i was starting to creep my way closer to Obsession. I would think about him a lot, want to text him all the time. One night when i was out with the girls, we did far too many shots, mixed one too many cocktails and before i knew it it was the morning after the night out, i awoke to what seemed like a neverending amount of phonecalls made to his phone, MORTIFIED still doesnt even seem enough to explain how i was feeling. There was about 37 calls in total made to his phone from about 7pm Saturday night to 5am Sunday morning (10 hours) Now this screams stalker to me and its me im talking about. Even though 80% were called from a blocked number is not the point. I was and am still horrified. I ended up deleting his number so i couldnt do it again, i didnt trust myself with it after that.
So please let my little embarrassing story be a cautionary tale to the rest of you, this is not a mistake you want to make yourselves. 

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