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Bow Wow & Erica Mena Call It Quits?

Posted on the 22 September 2015 by Elle @Elle_Sweetest
Bow Wow & Erica Mena Call It Quits?I guess today is going to be one of those days.... I came across the news that Bow Wow and Erica Mena may be calling it quits, yeah, I'm at that blogging place where people call me about this stuff and I just confirm it online now. I'm getting there.. lmao. Anyway, I did what I do and it does seem that Mr. Moss and Miss Mena are not on friendly terms right now, she deleted him from her IG and you know that's the modern day IDFWU (I dont eff with you) sign.
The tea is, Erica had a miscarriage five months ago while four months preggers. But she just revealed this information a few days ago. It's being reported that they both revealed the information, but as pissed off about it as Bow Wow is, I have to beg to differ. Shad obviously feels like Erica did it to garner social media likes. I personally think she did it to garner sympathy purchases for her clothing line. Relevancy is EVERYTHING when you are working the Insta-Boutique circuit, and I just dont see it for 'Her'. Anyway, disclosing that you had a miscarriage on a pregnancy that no knew about is kind of suspect.What would be the purpose? I understand telling family and friends, but the media, social or otherwise just doesn't seem like something a 'grieving' person would want to do. It's like, yeah we 'just' lost a kid, Ok, but buy these clothes. GIRL BYE! She posted this about it four days ago.
Hold on, don't get me wrong, I am not saying one bit that I do not think she went through the motions of a tremendous heart break concerning this matter WHEN IT HAPPENED. Now, I agree with BowWow, she's doing this for the 'Vine'.
Bow Wow & Erica Mena Call It Quits? So after all of this, BowWow decided he would blast her for pretending like this is a situation that occurred as recently as she'd like people to think. 
I guess we wont being seeing much more of these two anymore.... Bow Wow posted this to his Instagram after Erica deleted all of his pictures...Bow Wow & Erica Mena Call It Quits?
Well, another one bites the dust for Erica, too bad Richie D somewhere shaked up with Moniece and she's speculating he put a ring on it. Bet any amount of money now that Erica is almost free those two are going to find reasons to 'run' into each other every now and again.....

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