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  • Guest Author – Emily Critchley on Writing a Crossover Novel

    Guest Author Emily Critchley Writing Crossover Novel

    After a wonderful reception for last week’s piece on the Veneto by Elise Valmorbida, I’m delighted to welcome Emily Critchley, the second author from my Summer... Read more

    The 13 June 2018 by   Isabel Costello
  • H Is For Hawk – Helen Macdonald

    Hawk Helen Macdonald

    What’s it all about?:Obsession, madness, memory, myth, and history combine to achieve a distinctive blend of nature writing and memoir from an outstanding... Read more

    The 16 May 2018 by   Bibliobeth
  • Friday Fiction – A Short Story WIP

    Friday Fiction Short Story

    For the past three years, I’ve been dabbling in short fiction here and there, in between writing novels and working. I used to love writing short stories, even... Read more

    The 16 March 2018 by   Steph's Scribe
  • The Clay Girl – Heather Tucker

    Clay Girl Heather Tucker

    What’s it all about?:Vincent Appleton smiles at his daughters, raises a gun, and blows off his head. For the Appleton sisters, life had unravelled many times... Read more

    The 15 March 2018 by   Bibliobeth
  • The Last Day – Claire Dyer #BookTour #GuestPost #BookReview

    Last Claire Dyer #BookTour #GuestPost #BookReview

    I was delighted to be invited to take part in this blog tour especially as the author generously offered to write an exclusive post. Read what Claire Dyer has t... Read more

    The 17 February 2018 by   Cleopatralovesbooks
  • Runaways – Enjoy It While You Still Can.

    Runaways Enjoy While Still Can.

    Runaways: 1x07 Refraction.Seven episodes into Runaways, I’m still not sure what the focus on the parents adds to the show. It’s hit and mix – hit, when it... Read more

    The 21 December 2017 by   Cathy Leaves
  • Idaho – Emily Ruskovich

    Idaho Emily Ruskovich

    What’s it all about?:One hot August day a family drives to a mountain clearing to collect birch wood. Jenny, the mother, is in charge of lopping any small... Read more

    The 21 December 2017 by   Bibliobeth
  • Anything You Do Say – Gillian McAllister

    Anything Gillian McAllister

    Psychological Thriller5*s Around this time of year I start to consider my Top Ten Books Published in 2017 along with many other bloggers, this year the list... Read more

    The 18 November 2017 by   Cleopatralovesbooks
  • The Dreams of Bethany Mellmoth – William Boyd

    Dreams Bethany Mellmoth William Boyd

    Short Story4*s I’ve often discussed my difficult relationship with the short story and have concluded that on the whole I much prefer a novel where the author... Read more

    The 23 October 2017 by   Cleopatralovesbooks
  • Salt Houses by Hala Alyan -Feature and Review

    Salt Houses Hala Alyan -Feature Review

    ABOUT THE AUTHOR:From a dazzling new literary voice, a debut novel about a Palestinian family caught between present and past, between displacement and home. Read more

    The 21 September 2017 by   Gpangel

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