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Bologna Earthquake – Predicted by Solar Eclipse and Seen in the Stars

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Bologna quake

A nasty earthquake of magnitude 6.0 hit overnight just north of Bologna, Italy killing at least 5 people and destroying a lot of heritage and ancient buildings in the process. Many people think that this was a pre-cursor to the Solar Eclipse which occurs tonight but I disagree. The seeds for this earthquake were sown a year ago by the Solar Eclipse of 1st July 2011.


Here’s the earthquake chart from earlier today. The culprits for this event are easy to see with destructive Pluto sitting on the Capricorn Midheaven and Saturn, Capricorn’s ruler making an opposition to the Ascendant, so all 4 angles on this chart are under duress. Saturn was also making a quindecile to Uranus at the time; Uranus bringing intense shock energy to Saturn. I see this as a ripping apart aspect, Uranus tears down the old (Saturn) the make room for the new (Uranus). Pluto was receiving it’s square from Uranus (now 2 degrees apart), a trine from Mars showing incredible unstoppable force and violence and a quindecile from Venus which was also trine to Saturn, probably the trigger; the inner planets do often tend to set these events off.

The key to this earthquake and the link to the last but one Solar eclipse is the degree that Pluto and the Midheaven were sitting on. Pluto last night was at 9:11 Capricorn and the Midheaven 9:23 Capricorn. The 1st July Solar eclipse occurred at 9:12 Capricorn thus Pluto was just one minute from exact from that previous eclipse spot. On this blog for the past year I was predicting that something was going to happen when Pluto moved over 9:11 Capricorn last November. Seems like I did get it right, but one transit too early – just shows you’ve got to have patience doing Astrology!!

Earthquake Bologna

Of course there is more than one side to the story and as the earthquake struck, Pluto conjunct the Midheaven (MC in red above on the left hand side) was also in paran relationship with the star Zosma setting absolutely bang on the horizon. Zosma (on the back of the Lion in Leo indicated on the right)  is a very unfortunate star, especially when it combined with Pluto as it signifies the suffering of the people and a nation mourning.

This was not the only planet star association which set off the earthquake. The Sun was conjunct Alcyone, the brightest star in the Pleiades which shows suffering of the people and many tears shed. The Moon was in paran relationship at the time of the earthquake with the star Facies (the nebula in the eye of the archer in Sagittarius) indicating “the wounding of many people”. Neptune was linked with the star Alphecca, the main star in Corona Borealis (the Crown) which can show triumph or disaster, euphoria or great sadness. Seeing as Neptune was in a stressful square to the Sun conjunct the Pleiades (see the wheel above), the latter interpretation takes hold.


There is one other really interesting planet star connection that would have indicated a catastrophe was going to hit. That one is Uranus in paran relationship to the star Ankaa, the star in the Phoenix constellation. Ankaa at this time of the year in Bologna only just rises above the horizon but it was at it’s culmination (it’s highest point in the sky) at the same time that Uranus culminated at the Midheaven on 20th May 12.

As you will know the Phoenix rises from the ashes, and when shocking Uranus comes and connects with it Brady says that there is “a desire to build or rebuild a public place”. How prophetic, especially as Uranus is now square to Pluto which can be so destructive!!

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