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Body To Attract The Girls

By Byfitnessgym92
 Body To Attract The Girls
Exercising is not only for better fitness and health, but also to attract the opposite gender. There are different gauges for attractiveness of males in different parts of the world. Girls from a particular country may feel that a guy should have big bulging muscles, while others may feel otherwise. Some girls like six pack abdominal muscles, while some think it is not necessary.
However, among these widely varying opinions, there is one particular consensus applicable across all geographical boundaries of the world. That one similar point which girls find most attractive in a male body is a good shoulder to waistline ratio. According to Wikipedia, girls find guys with a shoulder to waistline ratio of 1.6, the most attractive. This gives us a big hint as to what truly constitutes attractiveness in a male body to the girls.
Usually, as a guy works out harder and eventually gets that body perfect proportion, he will have muscles just the right size, with a slim and trim stomach. This is a fantastic look. Girls no longer like the big steroidal look all bodybuilders have. They prefer guys with bodies like the models at Abercrombie and Fitch.
You need some good muscle size, albeit not too much. You also want to have a slim waistline ideally. Good bodies can be found in movies such as 'Fight Club', 'Twilight' and 'Ninja Assassin'. Whether you like the movies or not, I am sure you will agree with me that the main actors in these movies have insanely good looking bodies, which appeals greatly to the ladies.
I know when I raise the previous point, there will be people violently disagreeing, feeling that the actors in these movies are way too skinny and that Arnold Schwarzenegger's or Ronnie Coleman's body is the only ideal. I respect your opinion but I still hope that you understand that a celebrity body is considered far more attractive today.
So now, I suppose you agree with most, if not all of my points. In a nutshell, the attractiveness of a fit male is characterized most strongly by the shoulder to waistline ratio. A good body proportion shows the level of fitness of the individual too.
There are other factors which affect the attractiveness of the male body too. I am pretty sure that ladies, other than finding shoulder to waistline ratio important, will find overall muscle size and definition important too.

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