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Body Shop Review..

By Tinacolada @StyleScribbles
Ok, so...this is a quick post. I just wanted to bring to light some findings I have had since I last posted about my body shop haul, here's the link to it:

The products are great and I am totally still in love with them, except for the foot gel- I thought it could have been a little less sticky, I have not been using it as frequently as I would like to, just because of this issue.
Secondly, I wanted to acknowledge the fact that the packaging more so the bottling lacks finesse. To give you an example, my body mist spray's nozzle does not spray properly anymore, it stopped doing that a while back, and we constantly struggle with it, most of the times end up with a painful finger/ thumb. It's sad since it is such a nice product!
Also, the coconut cream body wash has the same problem, it is such a thick/ dense fluid that it hardly comes out of the nozzle and we have to press really hard and many times to get enough out. Again such a shame, I love the product!
Rest of them are good, all this said, I will not stop buying these products 'cause they are really good, just wish for that price, they could improve upon the quality. Hope someone from body shop is reading this. Love to all. Enjoy your weekend. xx

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