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Blood Games

By Myfilmproject09

Sorry again, just a bunch of work to try to work with my original agent who wants to hang with him as he's been down for a while. At my time, there's few agents who want anyone who hasn't been seen or didn't want to see me and more or they are out of the agencies forever.
So my first real agency I found a smart woman was on Hollywood Boulevard and figured that this might take me somewhere where I could at least say "I've got an agent". She was working for a small company and was a lot smarter than her boss but still wasn't good enough to make me a hollywood jock.
But she did sell me a screenplay and it was made and you can actually see it on youtube.
So what did I write?
Before this moment, I had written this screenplay about a girl's baseball team who drives across America playing baseball with farmers and odd people and even now I still wonder why I wrote it. Maybe it was because my wife and I decided to go different ways.
So this movie was to be sort of a semi-hot girls baseball team who get into trouble with a bunch of hillbillies somewhere in places you don't want to go to.  And these girls and their driver/coach happen to find a bunch of rednecks.
So, I still wonder why I wrote it and even better someone bought it.
The girls were okay but someone got killed of course and the girls get out of town. But the bad guys are coming after them. But the girls weren't softies and so there's some real battles. But several girls are pretty tough. So it was a battle like that.
But some of the producers put me behind their own names. My name was way in the back.
But so I get a credit at the back. And I actually had a movie made.
I had a title before but someone decided to write it Blood Games. And yes, you can find it on youtube and most of the writing was actually was done by me, with less horror but more action.
Oh well.
My first movie.

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