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Blasts on the Russian Metro Kills 10 Victims

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Blasts on the Russian Metro kills 10 victims

Why can't we all live in peace? Too much to ask I guess. This post follows on very much from yesterday's one focusing on Moscow which I featured on my Facebook page. At 14.30 this afternoon local time a bomb went off on a train between two Metro stations. At the moment it is reported that there are at least 10 fatalities and many more have been injured.

As for the Astrology, you can virtually use the same chart I used yesterday, and you'll now see that Uranus was making an exact square to the Russian Ascendant in Cancer. The Ascendant sits at 23.51 degrees Cancer and today Uranus is at 23.51 degrees Aries. Bang on the money, 90 degrees apart, you couldn't put a cigarette paper between them!!!

Blasts on the Russian Metro kills 10 victims

Over St Petersburg, that Uranus at the moment of the attack was the most elevated planet, conjunct to the Midheaven, as is often the case at a violent or shocking event. This morning Uranus was rising with the star Alcyone, the main star in the Pleiades in the shoulder of Taurus the Bull. Alcyone is a star of tears and known widely for a narrow minded approach to matters. It is a nebula and these kind of stars are connected to a lack of vision towards others. Alcyone can have quite an arrogant and harsh side to it and it is prone to be ruthless and it is liable to judgmental anger. The Sun was linked to Pollux, the darker of the two twins in Gemini who used to fight his battles not with words like his twin brother Castor, but with fists and violence.

Blasts on the Russian Metro kills 10 victims

Mars this morning over St Petersburg rose with the star El Nath, another star in Taurus, this time sitting at the tip of the bull's horn. This is the point of attack and whatever happened today, the people in that city would have taken things in a very forthright and direct way. You also have to consider that Mars is making a trine to Pluto, and Uranus is still linked to Pluto and Jupiter in a widening but still quite potent t-square, linking enforced change (Pluto), to excess, faith and belief (Jupiter) and unexpected and shocking actions (Uranus).

Put these connections together and you have a Molotov cocktail waiting to explode. This afternoon in the St Petersburg metro, it did...

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