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Black Star Pastry (rosebery)

By Takeeatfoodblog
I have definitely heard about the hype of Black Star Pastry but I never made the trek to their Newtown store to try out their famous 'Strawberry watermelon and rose cream cake'. After discovering that a new Black Star Pastry opened up in Rosebery, which is basically a 15 minute drive from my home I decided to make the effort to go try the strawberry watermelon cake myself! Black Star Pastry in Rosebery is located in the suburban area (Dunning Ave) just a street away from the busier streets where more shops are located.

Parking was quite troublesome but luckily I was able to get a spot as someone was leaving and so thankful for a small car!! We arrived at around 1pm and there was a queue but it moved quite quickly as people knew exactly what they wanted. My friend, who has been to the Newtown store, said that the Roseberry store is definitely much bigger and more spacious, allowing for a lot of people to comfortably dine in.

At the counter is the cakes cabinet and greedy me wanted to eat and order EVERYTHING!! But self- control kicked me over the head so I only ordered what I could actually finish :P My friend and I may have gone a little overboard with the food but my logic is if we are already here may as well order it (bad logic....:P) We ended up ordering; sausage roll, ham and cheese croissant, pear and cheese salad, strawberry and watermelon cake and the vegan chocolate popcorn cake... yeh... I can now definitely say that this hype surrounding the famous strawberry watermelon cake deserves to be around!

Now to the food....
Sausage roll | $5.20
The sausage roll had a light and crunchy pastry wrapped around the meat inside, which was soft and full of herbs and spices. It might look quite small in size at first but is definitely very filling.
Picture Picture
Ham and Cheese Croissant | $6.50
The ham and cheese croissant was ordered by my friend and she said she really enjoyed it because it is something that is very simple and I guess it is something that you can't go wrong with! :)
Pear and Cheese salad
I got to try a bit of this pear and cheese salad and to be honest I was not the biggest fan of it. At first I thought the white pieces were potato but in fact it was pear, I'm not too sure what flavours I was tasting but there was a strange taste to it. It tasted a bit off or that the pear was a bit old, neither of us finished this dish which was a bit disappointing because presentation wise it looks very delicious.
Picture Picture Picture
Strawberry Watermelon and Rose Cream Cake | $7.00  (Single slice)
Sooooo this whole blog post is leading up to this- introducing the famous Strawberry Watermelon and Rose Cream Cake! This cake is extremely refreshing especially with the strawberries and watermelon. The rose cream and cake layer is light and moist and is not too sweet, it compliments the tanginess from the fruit. It is a bit messy eating this cake but who cares it was DELICIOUS! :D 
Picture Picture Picture
Vegan Chocolate Popcorn Cake
The 'Vegan Chocolate and Popcorn Cake' presentation wise is very nice, that was the main reason why we ordered it :P (well we are girls haha!) The chocolate cake was extremely moist and fluffy, it had a very light chocolate texture through it, my friend found it a bit too sweet but I quite enjoyed it. The caramel popcorn on top was very hard to eat and break apart but when you eat it together with the chocolate cake it tastes very well together.
Berry ice tea | $4.50
The berry ice tea was refreshing since today was quite hot, however it was way to watery and there was not much of a berry taste to it.
2 hungry girls ready to eat :P
Overall, I'm really happy with the dining experience at Black Star Pastry Rosebery. The food is extremely delicious and made to great quality. I would definitely go back not just to eat the strawberry watermelon cake but to try all their other cakes and savoury food! Great location (close to home :P), friendly staff and the most important- super delicious food! :)

Happy eating x
Disclaimer: This review is only my personal opinion and experience of/at the restaurant, this review is not intended to damage the reputation of the restaurant.
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