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Bioflora - CollaBee Fish Honey & Collagen Review

By Ireviewuread

Bioflora - CollaBee Fish Honey & Collagen review

Remember my post from yesterday’s first Black Box gift away HERE ?

Well, as mentioned yesterday, I’m going to review the Bioflora CollaBee today!

Bioflora - CollaBee Fish Honey & Collagen review

Let’s start with the main info of the Bioflora CollaBee:

It contains 10,000mg of fish collagen which can help rejuvenate your skin. It also contains royal jelly and manuka honey which helps keep your skin bright and body healthy.

It’s highly recommended that one should drink a bottle every night for the first 3 months. After that, you can drink every fortnight.

As seen from the benefits, this is more recommended for people of 40 years and above, so I gave the 2 CollaBee bottles for my mother to try!

To sum up the benefits, here’s what the CollaBee Collagen can do to help a person in point form! :

Bioflora - CollaBee Fish Honey & Collagen review

Time to review!

As seen from the above picture the collagen is not very thick in flavor and in form. However, it is very very very sour with a hint of sweetness (for me that is, but for my mother she find it quite OK). 

What I like about it is it’s nice fragrance (which reminds me of lime) went I open the bottle.

Now for the effects: Sadly, after consuming 2 bottles of CollaBee, there don’t seem to have any effects for my mother :( However, since the instructions explained you’ll need to consume regularly for 3 months to see improvements (wow that long), I shall give the Bioflora CollaBee the benefit of the doubt! 

Bioflora - CollaBee Fish Honey & Collagen review

Overall, I would give the Bioflora CollaBee 1 IreviewUread Smile. Reason being, it takes quite awhile to have the effects shown and it’s too sour for people who are not a fan of sour food. Pretty much the only thing I like about it is the nice lime smell which it gave off.

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