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'Big Bubba' is Licking His Lips in D-Wing!

Posted on the 04 February 2013 by Davidduff

So, at last, the 'Lesbian-straightener' coughs - and about time, too!  Huhne pleads guilty but his ex-wife battles on either claiming that she 'don't know nuffink', or, throwing herself on the mercy of the court as a wronged, put-upon wife.  Good luck to her, she looked positively ill the last time I saw her on Sky News.  The main thing is that Huhne is now dead meat and it's only a question of how long he will be hung up to rot.  I hope and trust that it will be an exemplary sentence, at least two years given that he's supposed to set an example to us all.  Of course, I do realize that it is not the done thing for a Christian gentleman to rejoice at someone else's misfortune but, then again, I am only nominally Christian, I am definitely not a gentleman and, moreover, I detest all 'il-Lib-non-Dems', so it will definitely be a champagne night tonight at Chateaux Duff.  One trusts that 'Big Bubba' will do his duty - dammit, man, the country expects!

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