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Big Boobs Or Big Brain: Which Would You Prefer?

By Tempestra @tempestra1

One of the questions I have regularly debated with my friends is whether we would rather be beautiful or brainy.  I’m ashamed to admit that we nearly all choose the beauty, every time.  I mean, who would mind about missing a few brain cells if we were able to snag a male model?  However, I was genuinely quite shocked to read about a recent survey which claims that almost half of all young women aged 18 to 25 would choose large breasts over a high IQ, with 60% believing that men would be more attracted to them if they had big boobs.

Does our society really put so much pressure on these young women to emulate what is perceived to be the “male ideal”?  I have to say, if I were asked, I would definitely choose the brains in this instance.  And this is coming from someone who has truly not been blessed in the chest department!  At the risk of sounding trite, a man should love you as a whole package.  I certainly wouldn’t want one who only cared about my boobs (and I do genuinely believe they are in the minority).  And as for looking good in dresses, well we all know there are plenty of cleavage-enhancing bras out there which can give all of us under-endowed ladies a fabulous boost!

Oh and I’ll let you into a little secret.  My boyfriend actually prefers small breasts – yay!



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By  Killmenow
posted on 24 May at 08:30
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I like larger breasts, not huge. But if a woman has no IQ, I will realize it in the first 15 minutes of our date. There will be no future together.