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BFF Tats & Christmas Confessions

By Sarahohm @sarahohm
Good afternoon Beautiful,
Wheeew, what a day! If you live close by you'll notice that Toronto all of a sudden has snow! So crazy... we didn't have snow up until today and then BAM!... it's all white and slushy out there!
We didn't get home from Wingham until about 3pm yesterday because I wanted to stop in at Sport Chek and "chek" out their Boxing Day sales. We stopped originally in a small town on the way to Toronto but they didn't have any shoes in my size (seriously, what are the odds) so we ended up stopping just outside of Toronto. It was an absolute jungle out there. It took us like 30 minutes to find a parking spot and we actually went into Best Buy before heading over to Sport Chek. Best Buy was just a gong show. I don't understand why people line up or try and fight for sale items. To be honest, I don't think the sales that were there were worth the time and frustration that accompanies the whole Boxing Day experience. Sport Chek is a bit different because it's not as insane as tech stores... so I managed to keep my cool in that store! Check out what I got....
BFF Tats & Christmas Confessions
I'm super excited for them! I haven't used Asics since I started running often but C (who used to work in sporting footwear!) recommended Asics because they have good support which is something I think my current shoes are lacking. They definitely feel a lot more structured then my current Nikes, so hopefully it reduces some of the pain I get when I run. Wish me luck! They're totally motivation because, well, who wouldn't want to put those pretty shoes to good use? :)
We unpacked and put everything away and I instantly got onto my new laptop and transferred all of my personal documents from my work laptop to my new Mac and it took a few hours since I had a ton of photos to transfer! I'm so excited though, it's so much nicer than my work laptop, it's so much faster and so much better for doing all of my blogging and social media "stuff". The memory card from my DSLR camera fits into a slot directly into my laptop so I don't have to connect to the actual camera which is SO MUCH better since I'm trying to take better food photos for when I try new recipes.
After we had been home for a while, my best friend came over to spend the night and spend some time with me and C before she heads back to her home in Nova Scotia. I don't get to see Lauren often so it's always lovely when she comes by for a visit! We had planned to go out last night but then we all wanted to stay in and not go out in the cold and storm so we had some drinks, ordered some Greek food and watched Netflix all night! It was so much fun, I love low key nights in.
Today we made our way downtown Toronto around 11am, stopped for a snack at Starbucks, and became what we call "badasses". We got best friend tattoos! Hahaha, they're the most non-badass type tattoos, but it's funny to call it badass. Check it out!
BFF Tats & Christmas Confessions
And here we are WITH our tattoos...
BFF Tats & Christmas Confessions
Cute right? :P Our tattoos are a heart with an infinity symbol in the bottom of it. We found it on Google (probably 100% original...) and got it done at a tattoo parlour across the street from the Much Music studios. The tattoo artist literally took like 2 minutes on each of us because the tattoos themselves are so small. I went first and she told us that it would be like 10 minutes which I originally thought was nuts for such a small tattoo but then it took a lot less time. I had to sit so that my arm was behind me so she could get at the spot at the right angle, and held it down so I wouldn't move. There were definitely some tender spots like when she tattooed over the ulna bone but other than that it wasn't too painful. Cool huh? This is my third tattoo, but I'm not going to share my others on my blog (one's an "Om" symbol that I still like, and one is some asian writing for "living inside a dream" which I got when I was 17... oy.).
Now, onto my Christmas Vacation Confessions...
Because of the massive storm I haven't been able to run outside, but I'm planning on fitting in a workout later tonight and tomorrow morning. I feel like an Oompa Loompa since Christmas. I've ate too much, drank a lot of wine (which reminds me, I have to drink the Elderberry Wine that my Aunt Janis made.. YES, she made it, and it's all natural and there's no preservatives in it or anything, so I have to drink it before it goes bad, obviously) and exercised too little. Sound like anyone else? I think it's an all-to-familiar vicious cycle that people fall into over the holiday season. Lucky for me however, the food I ate wasn't BAD food. Granted, I did have a few black liquorice pieces and 1 short bread cookie (I swear to you, it was only 1) and the rest was all good, clean food... just a lot of it. Christmas dinner was a small piece of steak and my first taste of lobster tail, which turned into 2 lobster tails, and some peas and potatoes. I had gluten free organic pizza when everyone else got normal pizza and for breakfast we had bacon and eggs, the classic paleo breakfast.  I drank not nearly enough water as I should have, I drank a lot of tomato juice, tea and wine. The workout on Christmas Eve with my sister was a clutch part of the weekend and it definitely helped. 
I'm glad I got that out, because it's officially time for a fresh start. What is the plan exactly? That I'm still figuring out and will share with you during my next post. Stay tuned! :)
Were you like me over the holidays? Or were you better or worse? Tell me!! I'd love to get more chatter going on this blog via commenting so please check back to see if anyone has responded to your comments after you leave them. Also, I'm really trying to get more interaction over on my Facebook page. I started a "Food For Thought" series where I share some of my favorite foods/spices/herbs that come with amazing benefits and show you why you should be incorporating them into your day to day meal prepping. Click here to be taken there, and please "like" it so we can stay connected and share information together! If you're really feeling generous and wanting to spread the love today, feel free to join my blog via Google Friend Connect (by clicking "join this site" on the right hand side of my blog, it literally takes 1 minute). It's a great way to keep up to date with my blog posts, and of course, if you leave me a comment I'll join your blog too! :) What do you say?
Stay healthy,xoxo

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