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Better Watch Out, Dave!

By Davidduff

   "Enough is enough, Mr Cameron!"

That is the front page headline in today's Daily Mail and they printed it in the largest possible font size as a heading on page one which is taken up entirely by a single story - a poll on immigration in which the Tories actually poll lower than Labour when it comes to trustworthiness on immigration.  So far, so Daily Mail-ish, you might think but I wonder whether it presages a move by the Mail which could be hugely damaging to the Tories.  Perhaps they are winding themselves up (in line with the sage advise dispensed by this blog!) to ditch the Tories at next year's Euro election and instead throw their weight behind UKIP.  The Mail is only second to the Sun in circulation and given their past record the Sun, too, is capable of dropping the Tories.  From January onwards we are likely to see a huge influx of Romanians and Bulgarians and both these big circulation papers can be relied upon to whip up a never-ending storm on the subject.  If they were both to urge support for UKIP will there be even a single Tory in the European parliament?  And if that is the outcome, how hot and sweaty is your local Tory MP going to be as he or she contemplates the general election in 2015?


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