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Bethesda: Dishonored

Posted on the 17 April 2012 by Jesusmsanchezl @JesusmSanchezl

Dishonored LogoGood news everyone!

The good people of Bethesda are back on another cool game. Dishonored is a first-person title developed by Arkane Studios that will be in our hands soon this year for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Rumors spread that Dishonored would be something different and yes, it seems that this is not another simple FPS.

I actually think that categorizing it into a genre like First Person Shooter is not entirely fair or accurate. Yes, the view is first person and the player will use the odd gun, but something happens like what happens in ’BioShock’ (title which seems to share something else, as you will see). Do not just conform to the fees set by the FPS. Take a look at the cinematic trailer:


Dishonored is a priori very interesting on many levels, specially in artistic design. In my opinion, it is a mix of the Good features of the following games:Corvo, the main character, is forced not only to use firearms but also knives, swords, and the strange powers conferred on him to receive a visit from a mysterious person while confined in prison. As we can see in the video it appears that Corvo will be able to accelerate and slow down time, but certainly we will gradually discover new powers.


Size and detail level of Skyrim gameplay

Assassin's Creed

The epicness of action adventure city like in Assassin’s Creed


All developed around aSteampunk theme.

That is, for me, is the recipe that we are witnessing in Dishonored.

As for the plot of ’Dishonored’, we know that Corvo is a murderer. This conclusion was obtained to see in the beginning of the video that Corvo is a cell after being falsely accused of murder. This is where visited by someone who gives a series of supernatural powers and from there the fun begins.

The bad news is that there is no confirmed release date, but will this year. So keep fingers crossed to get it before Christmass.


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