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“Best Thing I Could Have Done for Myself”

By Dietdoctor @DietDoctor1

So far this year more than 34,000 people have signed up for FREE guidance, meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, troubleshooting tips, etc., via the two-week low-carb challenge.

What could happen if you were to take it? Here's feedback from this week:

After putting on and taking off the same 10 kg (22 lbs.) for the last 20 years I have been following LCHF for almost 2 years now, losing 8 kg (18 lbs.) in only a few months, something that had never happened before - I'm only 5"2.

But bad habits had started to creep back in and I felt my clothes getting tighter again. I signed up for the 2 week challenge and handed your structured plan over to my husband as his weight had ballooned to dangerous territory and he was ready to do something about it.

My husband shopped and did the cooking for all of us (I was in heaven!) and found he really enjoyed the meals and was able to stick to the plan. After 2 weeks he has lost 6 kg (13 lbs.). I have lost weight too, and my 15-year-old daughter is fitting back into clothes she hasn't been able to for a long time. Thanks for taking the time to put the program together.

LCHF is a wonderful way to live your life - never hungry and maintaining a normal weight. Something that is not possible following the official dietary guidelines - believe me I know this only too well.

Kind regards

I just want to give a big thanks to you, your staff, and your family for sharing their time away from you (with all of us).

I am just in mid week 3 but I have noticed great improvement. I have gotten rid of 16 lbs. (7 kg). I have much more to go. I need to rid my self of 135 more lbs. (61 kg).

I had been on many diets to loose weight, but I always found it again plus more. NOW I am determined to continue LCHF for the rest of my life and rid myself of unwanted weight.

Thank you again for your wonderful website , I am learning more every day.


I have completed the 14 day challenge and lost 14 lbs. (6 kg).

HOWEVER.. I am not quite a success story as I caved in on day 14 and had a carb binge. Then was I sick...

I was having health issues and they were actually resolving as the challenge continued but then I stopped short of the 14 day goal. BUT after that binge I realized how so much of my pain etc. was caused by carbs... It was sooooo painfully evident.

I am now back on track and following the low-carb diet (yes for weight loss) but also more importantly for me... for pain management.

My Dr. is following me as I continue with your low-carb program.

Thank you for your program and giving people a chance at a no cost program.


Four weeks ago, I came home in shock after being diagnosed as diabetic and immediately started googling everything I could find about the disease and what the future might hold - very frightening.

Then I found instances where diabetics had improved or even reversed their diagnosis through diet alone.

And I found you - and signed up for the 2-week trial.

You have changed my way of eating and my life.

I have lost 12 lbs. (5 kg) so far, enjoying my food, feeling healthier and definitely staying on this eating plan for the rest of my life.

At the same time, it seems as though the whole world is learning the benefits of actually eating fats and benefiting from it - so it's Low Carb, High Fat all the way for me.

Thank you - very sincerely, I thank you.

Rosemary (age 71 years and starting a new life.)

I'm amazed by it and I do plan to continue.

This will be my "diet" in the true sense of the word.

I'm sharing it with many people. My sister and her husband and my cousin are starting today or tomorrow.

The intermittent fasting is very easy. I rarely feel hungry.

It's great to not have food control me. I do get weak at times and put a little sugar in my coffee but not as much as before.

What would improve the challenge? Hmmmm. Maybe a link for eating LCHF if a person is vegan, vegetarian or wants to avoid dairy.

I will be signing up for more information.

Thank you for the great inspiration.


P.S. I can't believe you drank that whole glass of whipping creme!!

Thank you - I have loved the fist two weeks!

Food is delicious and easy to prepare. I have now signed up for the free month and I'm looking forward to continuing on.

The results have been pleasing and I have tons of energy and feeling fantastic! I am excited to be able to watch the videos and presentations provided in the members section.

Thank you so much.

Regards Cheryl - Australia

Dear Dr Eenfeldt,

As I have already shared with you, I find your site and the program just wonderful. Since when I wrote to you, my weight started to decrease, which I am very happy about! 🙂

I love the energy I have, I love the new foods and tastes, and I love the new body consciousness that I have discovered: when I was not eating LCHF, I just could not feel with my stomach what amount food was enough, so I had to bring a conscious decision on not eating more. But with LCHF somehow even this sensory system seems to work better - I hope you see what I mean.

Another great thing that has happened is that before I started LCHF my left knee kept hurting - I did not know why, I thought it was because of the wrong sitting position I was likely to take.

However, after 5-6 days of LCHF it simply disappeared! Obviously it had to be some kind of inflammation that was prolonged by my carbohydrate intake - and as carbohydrates got reduced, so did the inflammation. 🙂

This proved to me without a pinch of doubt what a great lie low-carb foods represent: before I started LCHF, I had been eating "low-carb" foods, and not only did I have the above mentioned physical problem but it was really challenging to keep my weight, too.

Moreover, I have not lost any energy with regard to my physical activity: I do 3-4 times 40-60 minutes of weightlifting or running, and my performance has not decreased at all - to be honest, I do my running faster than I used to, which also proves LCHF is THE way of nutrition if you want to stay fit.

Being a mother of a 5,5-year-old boy it is pretty important for me... No wonder I have decided to go on with LCHF (including intermittent fasting, which I also find a great idea) for the rest of my life.

I am really very grateful for this wonderful opportunity you have given me. Let me wish you and your team all the best in your revolutionary work for people!

All the best,



I feel great. I have energy. I want to continue with this lifestyle.

I know I need to modify the diet some for max results, that means dropping the cheese and my evening cocktail.


Andreas, I postponed it for a week as I was not prepared with shopping right food.

I have been on it for a week and so far so good! Head aches today so will try some broth.

Because I am not feeling hungry I think I can keep this up! Thank you, it is giving me hope! Can't wait to see results!!


Best thing I could of done for myself.

I was in a car accident a year ago and suffered from brain trauma and soft tissue damage. The Semi truck that rear ended me completely scrambled my brain so much that I quit drinking and smoking a year ago and turned to my new addiction, the candy aisle.

Well 40 lbs. (18 kg) later and feeling hopeless my sister coaxed me to look you up.

Just finished the 2 week challenge and have lost 8 lbs. (4 kg) 5″ (13 cm) of my waist and 2″ (5 cm) off my behind.

I've taken up Tai Chi and now Hatha yoga.

I turned 56 last month and I didn't know what to give myself. I do now. Real food and energy for the next 50 yrs of my life.

Thank you so much.


Thank you for this jump start to healthier eating.

I did lose a few pounds following the plan and felt less bloated over the two weeks. I hope to continue on being more aware of my food choices and am grateful for the diet website for guidance and direction.


I was a week late starting it, but I am very impressed with the recipes.

I've been doubling up recipes and cooking fewer days in the week. This is more convenient for me.

I am not new to keto but I have been struggling for a couple of months. I am back on track because of your program.

Thank you very much.

Thank you for the opportunity to follow along your 2 week plan. I discovered the paleo eating plan about 4 years ago. I followed it happily for 7 months and lost 40 lbs. (18 kg). I felt great and wanted to lose more weight.

Unfortunately my job became really stressful and I used that as an excuse to eat more carbs. I thought I could eat them with moderation and more control than I had before. It was a slippery slope and I have gained most of the 40 lbs. back and have had a terrible time getting back on the program.

These last two weeks have been a great way to refocus myself. While I didn't strictly adhere to the program (and hence didn't enjoy much weight loss) the daily emails and great recipes have helped immensely.

My cravings have diminished to a point now where I have more time to eat something healthy instead of going through the nearest fast food drive thru.

So again, thank you. I'm back.


Following the LCHF cruise and listening to speakers with scientific facts and individuals who told their story, I decided to take the 2 week challenge.

There was plenty of food to choose from and I felt extremely good.

I am on a roll with good results. I will continue to follow the course.

Thanks again, for encouragement. I will not hesitate in recommending the diet doctor.

D-Toronto, Ontario

The two week challenge was great. I lost 8 lbs. (4 kg) and felt great.

I have to go out of town this week but plan on continuing with low carb when I get back home again.

Thank you!

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